Yorkshire Terrior Is Popular Breed Among U.S. Dog Owners

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The Yorkshire Terrier was once a working class dog and has become a favorite of celebrities and royalty as well as families world wide.

The Yorkie accompanied textile industry workers who immigrated from Scotland to England where they caught rats and were fine tuned as a breed. The Yorkie became a fashionable pet in the late Victorian era and was recognized in America in the 1870s and have been pampered ever since.

Yorkshire Terrier puppies are born black and tan and have their tails docked to a medium length. They come in two color variations blue which is dark steel blue or Tan which is tan and black. A Yorkies coat needs attention especially if you let it grow long. Daily brushing helps keep their coat smooth and helps you bond.

The Yorkie is a tiny little breed, less than 9 lbs. And what they lack in size they multiply in personality and will. As with any dog you have to be prepared to be a diligent pet parent. They are fragile, you need to be careful not to step on them or sit on them. When left alone too long they can become destructive.

Yorkies need to be socialized and taken to obedience classes or they can become shy and fearful. House breaking can be a challenge as with many dogs. You just need to be patient. If you are looking for a watch dog a Yorkie is an excellent choice. They’ll be sure to let you know when someone is at the door.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a loving, lively, personable dog that can be a great companion. They are proof that good things can come in very small packages.

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