Would This Be An Okay Home Situation For Pet Rats?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 25, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I want to get rats but we have three dogs at my house. However, the dogs are very rarely actually in my room (where the rats would be), and when I leave the room I always close the door behind me. Would this be an okay situation for pet rats or would the scent of dogs on my clothes and the sound of the dogs barking scare them?

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  • Alissha says:

    I have rats and dogs and it hasn’t been problem. I have a very secure cage and I don’t allow the dogs access to the cage when I’m not around to supervise.
    My rats have always been pretty bold and confident and don’t seem to be afraid of much. It doesn’t even seem to phase them when my terrier barks at them. Typically the barking results in rats congregated at the part of the cage nearest to the dog and staring at him trying to figure out what’s going on… and if it will lead to food for them 🙂

  • B!nd! says:

    Ive kept rats and dogs together in the same house for years and never had an issue.
    If you have a large, secure cage- you shouldnt have to worry about the dogs breaking into the cage.
    My dog was trained- she slept in my caravan with me and my rats- and she knew that she was not allowed to touch them. She really wanted to (she used to catch and eat wild rats) but she behaved herself around them.
    I think if youre not even going to allow your dogs access to the room you shouldnt have a problem.
    Rats are prey animals- but they are much less nervy than bunnies and guinea pigs- they usually dont mind the noise of dogs because dogs arent as much of a problem for them.
    I dont think you will have a problem having rats as pets just because you have dogs.

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