Woman Leaves Husband For 19 Rats [VIDEO]: TLC’s ‘My Crazy Obsession …

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Self-proclaimed rat enthusiast, Chantal Banks, has decided to leave her husband of 11 years, Chester, to live in a two-bedroom apartment with her 19 pet rats. Chester feels that the rats are too much and too many where as Chantal considers them to be her children. Their son, Kevin, calls the rats his “siblings” since they “grew up” together. Chantal says that sometimes she suffers from something called “GGMS,” which she coined herself and stands for “gotta get more rats.” Luckily, this whole story will be documented on an episode of the TLC television series “My Crazy Obsession.”

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The disagreements between Chantal and Chester stem from her “need” to buy more rats and him coming home to more and more of them over the years. There does seem to be some hope for reconciliation as Chester tells his wife, “Hopefully this is a short-term arrangement we have now. And we can get back together.” Unfortunately, Chantal has no plans to leave her 19 “children” and tells her husband that his dreams will be “completely shattered.”

The preview clip also allows us to meet a few of the rats: Burger, Janice, and Lilly. They like to eat and not exercise, kiss, and jump respectively. All in all, these rats mean the world to Chantal and it will clearly be hard for her to face leaving them. She already left her devoted husband in order to keep her rats so this whole story could end poorly for the family. You can already kind of see the look of disdain on her face while talking to Chester. The clip closes with Chantal stating:

“My husband will never have the type of bond that I have with my rats. My rats don’t judge me. They love me for who I am. When I cry they lick my tears and when they’re hungry I feed them.”

Below is the preview clip of “My Crazy Obsession” featuring Chantal and her “kids.”

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