Where Can You Buy Pet Rats From?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Feb 28, 2010 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

where is the best place to buy pet rats a pet store or a breeder?

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  • Eileen says:

    Pet co is the best place to go.

  • qranite] says:

    I recommend petco. My sister went there to find her a hamster. She ended up getting 2 free ones. and didn’t have to buy anything but the food,cage,and water bottle for them. So maybe you could get you a FREE rat.

  • bert9502 says:

    pet co

  • Eva says:

    pet store

  • Jessica says:

    Pet Store

  • ♥Grace-M says:

    You can buy rats at any pet store really! 🙂
    Try petsmart. They take great care of their pets.

  • Tori says:

    Breeder. They’re always really nice when you get them from a breeder.

  • Hipstere says:

    Hm, Catch one on the street you got a free one! Lol Just kidding. Pet Co, Petsmart, Any pet store near you!

  • Angela says:

    A breeder–they’re usually cheaper, and they’re rats a in most cases in better condition.
    Hope i helped =)

  • spider pig!!!1 says:

    a breeder is the best place to get rats from, but if you cant find 1 find a pet shop you know and trust. i got my rats from a pet shop and they are absolutely fine

  • Cassiddi says:

    Petstores get there animals from petmills. Petmills have aline of sick animal.You know, like puppymils? I would look for a breeder or rescue 🙂 They are more healthy

  • Liz says:

    why are these people saying a petstore?
    a breeder knows that rats entire breeding lines and they keep track of any sicknesses that line may have and they wont breed an unhealthy animal. they also handle the babies from birth to ensure you are getting a well socialized healthy pet.

  • NicolllE says:

    Please don’t buy it from petco or petsmart, pet supermarket . or any large chainstores .
    their like a puppymills but in rodent form
    they get the rats from a rat farm
    get it from a breeder cause they know what they’ll do etc.
    instead of just throwing a rat or somethin in a box for money with a chance of that rat being sick isn’t a good idea.
    if you don’t have a breeder nearby try shelters
    if its a must that you have to go to a store………………. -_-
    make sure their habitat is ok. NOT RECOMMENDED!!

  • littleye says:

    You should check your local shelters and rescue groups to see if they have any rats that need a good home.
    Next choice would be a responsible breeder, not one who just lets rats mate over and over to make a quick buck. A good breeder will choice carefully which rats they mate together. They will also have handled the rats so the rats will be more used to handling.
    Last resort go to a pet store. Just make sure you check the store out first. I know you might go to one that is crummy and want to rescue a rat from it, but every time someone buys a rat that just makes them get more and then more rats have to suffer. I wish there was a way we could rescue them all though.

  • bumfluff says:

    pet co?!!? wtf is wrong with you people?
    NEVER BUY RATS THERE OR ANY OTHER LARGE PET STORE! BY DOING SO YOU ARE SUPPORTING MASS BREEDING AND POORLY CARED FOR ANIMALS! and more importantly NEVER BUY FEEDER SNAKES! you are not ‘rescuing them’ by buying them as pets, youre just keeping the breeders in business so they breed even more feeder rats!
    go to a shelter or hobby breeder or look for adverts for accidental rat litters.
    some small pet shops are ok but id avoid them anyway cuz generally they get the animals from mass breeders same as the large pet stores.
    mass breeding is the only way anyone can make money selling animals in pet shops but its cruel. why should animals suffer so people can make money? have you seen these mass breeding places? huge rooms full of hundreds of tanks full of rats crawling over each other because theres no room! look it up on youtube!
    with good ownership these animals can become great, friendly pets but why keep the breeders in business? as long is theyre in business animals are going to have horrible starts to life

  • animal lover 156 says:

    both are ok, if the pet store has some certificate that says they are able to breed animals safely and humanely its ok, when they have a certificate that specify’s this then 90% of the animals they keep will be healthy some they get from people giving their pets in because they cant find homes and some are proper people that breed animals in the back. some pet shops don’t have this the pets at home shop near me does but the local one on corner doesn’t they get all the runts of the same sex and puts them together, usually about 5-10 in a small cage.
    breeders that have like a post outside that says rat sanctuary are safe they have been notified as proper breders and nimal holders, they house them humanely and feed them correctly.
    get the right pet shop or the right breeder! then boh are ok

  • Stephani says:

    Personally, I would take a look at both.
    Quite often, a breeder is the better route to take because they know the rats’ “family tree”. Plus they could be considered somewhat of a “rat specialist” since they deal with rats specifically. Pet stores deal with a bunch of animals and don’t focus on specifics. Quite often pet store workers don’t know what they are talking about and give wrong information. (This isn’t in all cases, but it does happen quite often)
    However, you can get really healthy, really happy rats from pet stores.
    Also, if you check out both, it gives you a wider selection of rats to choose from. 😉
    Here is a good site to get your started:http://www.geocities.com/orrattery/befor…
    Ask lots of questions. Do some research beforehand. Make sure they have been properly cared for.

  • Emmyjak1 says:

    Always a breeder! Pet store rats are mostly meant to be food not pets. Feeders are mass produced with no regard to health and temperament.. If a pet store sells both feeders and pets, you can bet they came from the same place and the ‘pretty’ ones were saved as pets because the store can make more money on them.. When you go to a reputable breeder you will get healthy and socialized animals. You may need to wait for your baby, and possibly spend a few more dollars per rat, but it is definitely worth it!

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