What Type Of Bedding Should I Use For My Pet Rats?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 26, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I have 2 pet rats and i don’t think they like the bedding i am using right now it is wood shavings every time i put new shavings in she always moves it out of under her play toys where she sleeps so now i want to know what type of bedding to use can any one help me out

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  • Loly pop says:

    I used toilet roll and kitchen roll for my rats bedding I think its warm and comfortable. Is that ok for my rat?

  • Nim says:


    There are studies that show that pine / cedar, etc are bad for rats, but they’re hard to find unless you have the right search engines (you pay for them). But put it this way; would you rather take the risk of causing your animal respiratory distress, or play it safe and use another bedding?

    I’ve just been drawing up a list of beddings for someone else, so I’ll copy it here. I’m not sure if they’ll all be available outside the UK though.
    – Carefresh
    – Safebed
    – Biocatolet (01296 714000)
    – Yesterdays News
    – Megazorb by Northern Crop Driers (01759 318396)
    – Aubiose (0800 3891703)
    – Ecobed (01727 861522)
    – ProFleece (0800 783 3267)
    – Intershred by Comfibed


  • jm says:

    I personally have seen animals living on wood shavings live long/normal lives. I don’t like to make a decsion based on other’s sayings, as there is so much unproven information being passed around on the internet. Can someone point me to hard scientific evidence or the data sets about wood shavings? Searching reveals much of people’s “No” sayings, but no hard data. Out of personal experience I’d say this subject is more of a “maybe” type of thing.

  • lindsey says:

    wood shavings and put some kleenex or toilet paper in there to make them feel comfortable

  • dana_nav says:

    Use that recycled newpaper stuff. Whatever you do, dont use pine or cedar or wood shavings. The dust from them will give your rat an sinus infection and kill them.
    I personally just toss in a bunch of shredded newspaper, my females love to tear it up and make nests with it.

  • Thia says:

    I use Carefresh bedding i really like it. It stays in one place and doesn’t smell. Both good qualities

  • Sylar says:

    First of all, NEVER give your rats aspen or pine shavings… it is poisonous to them!!!! In fact, you shouldnt use any wood shavings on them, use the recycled bedding. It is comfy-er and better for them, although more expensive. I get the Carefresh brand, and it is awesome. It keeps the cage from smelling to soon, and the ratties love it!!!
    Good luck with your buddies!

  • xfilesfa says:

    In any event, avoid pine and cedar shavings at all costs (the oils cause respiratory problems in rodents). I used a mixture of aspen shavings and Carefresh (both of which I got at PetSmart) for the substrate, and it seemed to work pretty well.
    I also put plain paper, paper towels, and/or Timothy hay in the rats’ bed. They would shred it up and make a little nest. Just be sure to change it often, since paper and hay do not absorb the urine smell very well. And only use plain paper, since certain inks are toxic to rats. Hope this helps!

  • JoV says:

    I would say pine or aspen shavings or the recycled paper crumbles. I would never use cedar cause they could cause infections to the rats like upper resritory infections and things like that.

  • Rats Rule! says:

    if you use wood shavings put old socks or a rag or 2 in there (which is what i d, but i also have a hamic) or use care fresh…it works very nice although u can still smell odors if you want the brand of the woodshavings i use it is premier pet natrual pine bedding…its sorta soft hope this helps!!!

  • chicksru says:

    Do not use pine, aspen, or cedar. A good brand is carefresh bedding. Thats what I use for my rats. It is alittle more expensive but it last two times longer and wont cuase infections like some other beddings.

  • Chantal H says:

    I would use aspen (that’s what I use) or the new Carefresh bedding. I find anything else that you put them on they sneeze.

  • x..SaM.. says:

    Stay away from pine, aspen or cedar shavings. They are bad for the rodents lungs. Wood shavings also leave a strong odour. I suggest using kitty litter, it leaves no stench at all, is cheap and affordable, low maintenance and only needs to be changed every 2-3 weeks.

  • Sapphire says:

    stay away from pine and cedar, they are soft wood which has phenols (the stuff that maks it smell good) that causes respirtory problems.
    If you must use shavings, use aspen shavings, they are a hard wood, they are usually a little messier because it is not flakes it is actuall shavings.
    You can also use a cat litter called Yesterdays News (it is recycled news paper pellets)
    You may want to try hanging up hammocks, and just putting in cuts of fabric for them to tear up and make into nests.

  • TBECK says:

    I would stay away from cedar, aspen and pine shavings. They can stir up stuff that gets into the rats lungs and causes respiratory problems. Try using a paper-based bedding. This is just as absorbent and keeps your little rats from having respiratory issues. You can check Petsmart, Petco and Fred Myer(Pacific NW, that is where I buy mine), or probably a Walmart. I wouldn’t worry too much about them moving them around.They are just making nests.

  • Laughing says:

    AVOID pine and cedar. They are toxic and can cause liver damage. Use Carefresh, Aspen, or Eco-Bedding.
    Check out the links:

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