What Supplies Do I Need For A New Pet Rat?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Jan 14, 2010 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

My mom is finally letting me get pet rats. I’m going to get two females, but I have never had rats before. I know what I need but I want to know what I have to have when I purchase them. It would also be helpful if you could give some good names. One of them is probably going to be albino and I am not sure about the other.

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  • rat lover says:

    try dot and dash as names their good for both girls and boys if your getting rats you will need:

    * Two or more rats
    * bedding
    * litter
    * cage
    * food
    * water bottle
    * food bowl

    i hope this was helpful

  • Ratcraze101 says:

    Some names are, Girls: Misty, Angel, Snowflake,Peaches,Cream. Boys: Einstien, Eddison, Buddy, Frankenstien, Mack, Freddy.

    A list of supplies

    Cage *Wire with 2 or more levels*
    Bedding *CareFresh*
    Hideaway *igloo or shoebox*
    Chew stick *flavored sticks of wood sold at petstores*
    Litterbox *if you want it trained*
    Running wheel * no mesh, get silent spinner sold at pet stores*
    Safe spot for it to run loose during playtime
    Tunnel and/or running ball
    Water Bottle and food dish
    Food *i reccomend ecotrition or nutriphase*
    A hammock or sack
    Treats! Yogurt drops or honey bars sold at petstores are favorites
    A loving owner!!
    I hope this helped!!! BTW you should start off with males because they are alot calmer but bigger, but if you have a little cage just let the girls run loose alot to wear off access energy!!!!!!
    this would all add up to about 150 to 200 $$$$ but it pays off for having a healthy pet! it always gets cheaper though.

  • Rachel B says:

    a sort of nest, shavings, and a wired cage that’s big

  • monkey says:

    *wired cage
    *food (nuts, seeds, fresh fruit and vegies ect.)
    *running weel
    *tunnels and obsticles for cage
    *saw dust (or other form of bedding)
    what about the name yoshi or sammy

  • papyrusb says:

    Rats are great pets! They are people-pleasers, and very sociable. They like to be held, talked to, and handled.
    They are usually awake when humans are—just be sure their cage is in a quiet place at night when they need to sleep.
    Best rat litters: aspen pellet or paper pellets. Change the litter in the cage frequently and wash the cage thoroughly each time.
    It’s very important to buy a big enough cage for your rats–they need a multilevel wire cage with some roaming room. The bigger the cage, the better.Be sure the bars are no more than 1/2 inch apart. If you want an exercise wheel for them, be sure it’s a large one designed for rats, not the small hamster-size wheel.
    They also need a water-bottle mounted on the side of their cage for drinking.

  • Squatch says:

    You need nice big cage with water feeders and lots of fun stuff to climb on. Rats eat food lot like cereal with seeds. Make sure cage close good, or most rats get out and poop on rug. Maybe door with latch. Put paper on bottom cage so can change out poopies, and get smaller cage to keep in while clean. Rat like come out cage, so pick up and let crawl round a bit.

  • neophan2 says:

    Some things you need to get started with rats are:
    1. A big, wide cage
    2. Large Glass Food Dish
    3. A Good Water Bottle
    4. Fluffy Bedding
    5. A plastic or wood house
    6. Wood Chew Toys
    7. Fresh Water
    8. Good Food

  • NINER ROSIE says:

    well this is what you will need:
    1) a cage(wire one would be good as long as they can’t fit through the spaces).
    2)food(mix of seeds,nuts, and you can give them dog food).
    3)bedding(carefresh) this bedding is very absorbant and keeps the smell down.
    4)water bottle
    5)hiding place
    6)exercise wheel
    now rats are very good pets and they can be trained to do things. also they can eat what ever you eat but stay away from anything that has acid in it like: tomatoes,lemons,limes,pineapples.you need to hold them everyday and they will be as tame as you make them. i breed them and i have all kinds of colors and breeds. just make sure that you clean their cage once a week and keep their water bottle full because rats drink alot of water. when it gets hot you can put frozen water bottles in the cage with them to keep them cool, these act like an air conditionor for them, they will lay next to them. as they get older rats are prone to getting tumors, or getting cancer so if you see a lump on one one day you will know what it is. when this happens the best thing to do is to just keep them comfortable because there is nothing you can do for them. they can live for as long as 5 yrs if they are cared for the right way and kept healthy. you can take them to the vet once a yrs for a check up to make sure that they are healthy. well as for names you can name them (Thelma & Louise) i think that sounds cute for 2 females. you will have fun with them. oh yeah another thing you can do is to make them toys by using toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, do this tape one side of the roll with duct tape, then put small holes all around the roll, then add their fav treats in the roll then tape the other side and give it to them. you will see them work at trying to get the treats out. i do this all the time for mine and they love it. give them lots of love and you will have a very happy rat. good luck and i hope i gave you plenty of information.

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