What Rat Cages Do You Reccomend For My 2 Rats?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 17, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I have two female rats, each about 4-5 months old. I’m looking to upgrade their cage to a larger size – what cages do you reccomend that are affordable, durable, easy to clean, and large enough for my rats?

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  • Dawn.x says:

    I would use a simple ten gallon tank^_^ I used to have 20 rats and I sugjest getting a cage. lol

  • ¥ Saralala :] says:

    a guinea pig cage is the best. living world make good cages..

  • Tony says:

    I reccomend the “Habitrail” brand. I have a hamster who has the “Habitrail Safari” and My sister’s hamster has “Habitrail Playground”. And the Habitrail wheels don’t have bars that rats’ trails can get caught up in. There is also lots of fun attachments you can buy for they cage. I also don’t reccomend that you don’t put more than one rodent in a cage together becuase when they mature, they will fight over territory and one will probably end up being killed by the other.

  • cherry20 says:

    This is the best cage I’ve found for rats. It’s not cheap, but it’s the best cage for the price and allows them plenty of room to run about and explore.http://www.rattyrat.com/reviews/habitats…
    Guinea pig, rabbit and other small animal cages tend to be way too small for rats, and the animals they are intended for, for that matter!
    Ok, scroll down on this site to The Rat Skyscraper (R-695)
    That’s the one I suggest!http://www.martinscages.com/products/cag…

  • Hope A says:

    ferret nation and martins cages are the best for rats, they offer lots of sapce for climbing and such, and are also pretty easy to keep clean. Deffinatley do not put the rats in a tank, they do not offer adequate airflow, meaning the stench of the ammonia in the urine has nowhere to go. As rats have delicate respiratory systems this could lead to health problems.

  • La Songeur™ says:

    I recommened Martin’s Cages, as do rat lovers and owners everywhere, for they are easy to clean, spacious, and have an overall perfect design. The bar spacing is small enough so not even babies can escape. They are very roomy, and very good quality for an affordable price. The business is also family-owned and the owners are very understanding and cooperative.
    Ferret Nation cages are also great for your fur friends. They are HUGE, VERY easy to clean, and easy to decorate. They have 2 full-width doors that both open so you can access the entire cage easily. The only downside to this cage is that the bar spacing is fairly large. Babies and most females can easily escape. However, there is a quick fix and that would be to cover the entire cage with powder-coated wire mesh. It’s a pain to put on, but it’s a one time thing and then you never have to do it again. You can find the wire mesh at hardware stores such as Lowe’s and Home Deopt.
    Martin’s Cages: (I recommend the R-680 for two females, or if you really wanted to spoil them you can consider the R-695 or The Ruud.)http://www.martinscages.com/products/cag…
    Ferret Nation: (There is also a 1-story one available)http://www.ferret.com/ItemDetail.aspx?It…

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