What Is The Difference Between Pet Rat Types Or Breeds?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 17, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I want to get two more pet rats i have always had 2 female fancy rats. I want to know what is the difference in personality between the different rat breeds.

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  • Kate says:

    rats are rats

  • exoticat says:

    hairless rats and rex rats have the most out going personalities of all the rats and will get along better with new rats

  • Books books books! says:

    There is no difference in personality. The only differences are size and ears. And, of course, fur patterns.

  • KK_Baby says:

    Personalities depend on the rat itself not the difference in breeds. The difference in breeds just look different. If you want a different kind of rat get a dumbo rat. They are very cute. Have fun with your little cuties. I love rats. I have 2 dumbos right now. I’ve had three other rats as well. Rats are personally the BEST rodents in the world!

  • spazrats says:

    There is no such thing as breeds of rats. All of the coat styles, ear-sets, hairless, tail-less, colors, and markings, are all referred to as Varieties or Types.http://www.ratbehavior.org/RatSpecies.ht…
    All pet rats, also known as fancy rats, are the species Rattus norvegicus and because of this they all have pretty much the same personality and traits, with some rats having more character/comical nature/intelligence, then others. I have observed this in the 200 rats that I have had over the years, which includes Standard, Rex, Hairless, and Velveteen.
    One Variety of rat, the Dumbo, stands out as being the most laid back and docile. I can definitely vouch for this one as many of my rats are Dumbos.
    More info in my answer here:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;…
    “my life has gone to the rats”

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