What Is The Best Bedding For A Pet Rat?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 21, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I saved a pet rat from becoming snake food, someone didn’t know the difference between a pet rat and a feeder. They said that the snake won’t eat anything if it smells like humans so they chopped the tip off his poor little tail.
Right now he’s in a small loaner cage which I plan to get him a bigger, better one, I look forward to spoiling him and making him feel welcomed in our family, I’m just unsure of the bedding. I’ve never owned a pet rat, just married a couple. Any helpful feedback I get would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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  • ellen says:

    hi there, how is your rat? Did you get your question answered perhaps your are some what of an authority yourself by now. I just love rats – i have three from re-homing–often the rats come to me with bad habits–like not being potty trained or like to sleep in poop etc..I have trained rat(s) to potty train in a few short days, and to stay in allocated area’s–as in open door cage allocated play area (sofa) they can be trained to be great pets..how are you doing with yours do you need any help?

  • I was just reading that wood shavings might be a good idea for the bottom of your cage. You might want to go to your high school’s wood shop and find them there. You’ll need large shavings, like the kind that come off of the laving machine. If they’re too small (like sawdust) they might cause allergies for both your pet and your family members.

  • Hey, Thanks For The Help Man I’ve Had My Rat For 48 Hours And He Already Rides On My Shoulder! and he loves the shredded newspaper byee :3

  • clintwes says:

    They seem to like shredded newspaper or wood shavings.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good question! Wood shavings such as cedar and pine are a big no no for rats. It causes respiratory problems. Try using a paper based product such as yesterday’s news or care fresh. I prefer yesterday’s news (in the kitty litter section usually) because it is less dusty than care fresh, so less sneezing for the ratty. You may want to consider getting your rat a buddy, probably a younger male as it’s easier to introduce an adult male to a younger one so they don’t fight. Rats are very social animals so it’s important that they have ratty friends to play and cuddle with! Good luck with your new pet, they are lots of fun, I have 3 ratty boys myself! 🙂

  • ~Metamor says:

    Go to http://www.petsmart.com and go to small animals, then rats and it will give you a list of bedding (also www. petco.com) and they will give comments and stuff

  • ღQueenღ says:

    ummm..hello i just got a hamster myself and rats, gerbils, mice, hamsters, ferrets, and rabbits ;practically all small animals can use the same bedding and that is basically like wood shavings that u can buy from any pet store and sometimes u can find it at walmart also! if u have any more questions feel free to ask and ill try in help u!! hope i helped

  • FireFly says:

    “Carefresh” is the number one brand!
    It’s absorbant, doesn’t smell when wet, and doesn’t cause any harm to the animal.
    Some types of bedding, like cedar, pine, or even aspen may be absorbant, but can cause respiratory problems in small animals.
    Would you like it if you had to sleep on wood clippings? I think not.

  • Veneta T says:

    Aspen is definitely the best. Pine or cedar will give them a great risk of respiratory problems and corn cob litter turns their feet and tail green (it doesn’t hurt them, but it doesn’t look good, either!)
    Good luck. Rats rock. I have three and they are a lot of fun and very entertaining. But I’d get him a friend so he has a buddy to sleep with and play with when you can’t play with him (ie. middle of the night).

  • spazrats says:

    You have a big heart. Thank you :*) So you’re smitten by a Ritten already. I caught rat fever in 1997 and delved head-long into learning everything I can about these awesome small animals.
    BTW, there is no difference between a pet rat and a feeder rat when they are purchased at a pet store. The store will sell the rat either as reptile food or as a pet, whichever profits them more. Even rats that are labled as feeders make wonderful pets.
    DO NOT USE CEDAR OR PINE SHAVINGS FOR PET RATS. Both are toxic and are hard on the rat’s respiratory system.
    Safe bedding for rats that I use:
    t-shirts, bedding, pillow cases, etc.
    aspen shavings
    newspaper only if it has been printed with a safe soy-based ink
    Yesterday’s News
    rabbit food (rats don’t care for these as a food)
    Eco Chips
    There are also beddings that others in the rat fancy use but are not available to me. Be careful of Care Fresh, it has been reported most often that this bedding causes excessive sneezing in pet rats.
    Also be very careful with the use of hay. Make sure it is a soft hay like Timothy. Hay has been known to scratch ratty eyeballs.
    The following care pages are from people that I know and trust in the rat fancy.http://www.petinfopackets.com/rats/ratbe…http://www.ratz.co.uk/ratbedding.htmlhttp://www.curiosityrats.com/products2.h…http://firstrats.tripod.com/id24.htmhttp://wererat.net/rathelp/litter.htmhttp://www.petrats.org/maximizingsales.h…
    And there are more……..
    You are welcome to e-mail me at spazrats@yahoo.ca to talk about the care of pet rats.
    Specializing in the health and care of pet rats since 1997http://spazrats.tripod.comhttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistarat

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