What Is A Decent Food Menu For Pet Rats?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Mar 1, 2010 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I just got two little boys named Remmy and Emile. They look healthy and everything but does anyone have or can name a good menu for these awesome little critters?

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  • robin says:

    I feed my 2 guys Mazuri from Petsmart.

  • ThaRatCh says:

    I suggest Harlan Teklad, Oxbow Regal Rat, or Mazuri lab blocks!

  • Nick says:

    here are some great diets that i reccommend. i used one of them on two of my rats every day and they were very happy and one lived 5 YEARS!

  • Strawberry Moose! says:

    Well, it depends what sort of thing you’re looking for. Here are two options I like:
    I feed my rats based on the Shunamite Mix:
    5 parts base mix (I use Alpha Herbal/Burgess Supa Fruiti Rabbit)
    1 part James Wellbeloved Senior/Lite Dog Mix
    1 part pasta
    3 parts unsugared cereals (ie. cornflakes, rice crispies)
    Add extras such as broken dog biscuits, dry noodles and dried fruits and vegetables, for variety.
    Or, you can use a good ready-made mix like Burgess Supa Rat, or Xtra Vital Rat mix.
    All of these mixes should be fed with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and meat such as chicken and red meats, etc. We give the rats a bit of anything we’re having for dinner, unless it’s been cooked with onions, leeks, citrus fruits or garlic. My rats love it if I fill up a cardboard toilet roll with fresh food and then wrap it in tissue or toilet paper, then hang it from the top of the cage. They spend ages getting all the food out, and really enjoy munching up the cardboard after!
    Hope that you have a great time with your new pets, and hope I was helpful!

  • ✿Bea.MiL says:

    Hey! I could write an essay on things you could make for your critters.
    I feed my boys the ‘Shunamite’ Mix…
    50% Base food (Pets at Home Rat Museli, or any other commercial rat or rabbit mix)
    10% Dog kibble (I use James Wellbeloved Turkey and Rice),
    10% uncooked pasta (wholewheat or tricolour)
    30% cereals… why not mix and match? They must not be sugared, however. Things like Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, Oatabix and Ryvita’s)
    I also cook for them every night and they get a handful of fresh veggies every single day.
    For example… today, my boys had:
    Carrot, apple, curly kale, banana, tomato and cucumber.
    and for their tea…
    Homemade carrot and coriander soup with wholemeal bread and marg, and a chunk of chocolate cake and peach soya yoghurt and a chocolate drop each!
    They are omnivorous, so they, really, eat anything! Except… boys CANNOT have citrus fruits, especially orange – they contain massive amounts of d-limonene which is poisonous to male rats (but not to females. 🙂 )
    Mine eat things like…
    Chicken thighs/legs,
    Mackerel in Tomato sauce,
    Omelettes with mixed veg,
    Mixed veg smoothie,
    Fruit smoothie,
    Frozen fruit (blueberries are excellent),
    Frozen sweetcorn,
    Frozen peas,
    Cooked pasta with vegetable sauce or fish,
    Cooked egg noodles,
    Cereal and soya milk,
    Warm soya milk on it’s on,
    Soya yoghurt (they ADORE this, in every flavour available),
    Mini roast dinners,
    Mini toad in the hole,
    Hardboiled egg (including the shell),
    Scrambled egg,
    Egg mixed with wholemeal bread (a big favourite),
    Baby food,
    Corn on the cob,
    Nuts (but not peanuts, or peanut butter),
    Cottage cheese,
    Tinned tomatoes,
    Brown rice (with mixed beans, eg/ aduki, haricot and flagulet)
    The list is endless!
    and the list goes on. They can honestly eat pretty much anything – carbohydrates are good for them though so try and get a lot of pasta and noodles. Blueberries and curly kale is also excellent for them. 🙂
    Try and get meat only once a week, and fish once a week – too much protein is almost as damaging as too little.
    Try this forum…http://www.fancy-rats.co.uk/community/vi…
    There, people talk about what the feed their rats and also gives guidance on their nutritional needs – it’s fantastic!

    • Tamie J. Olmsted says:

      It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who cooks for her rats! I’m going to be putting together a rat cookbook, if you’re interested in submitting some recipes please let me know.

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