What Are Some Good Snacks Or Treats I Can Feed My 2 Pet Rats?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 25, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I have two pet rats, Salt and Pepper, (they’re black and white)
And I want to add A little variation to their diet to keep them interested in what they’re eating.
Any good suggestions??
And is it true that raw egg is good for their fur.

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  • Tabitha says:

    I like to make “homemade” yogurt drops, I use Tillamook yogurt (because it’s local and has live cultures in it) and I just use a spoon to make slightly messy yogurt drops on a glass plate (I’ve read an icing tube and wax paper works well too for perfect little drops) and slip it into the freezer for a couple hours to freeze up a bit (they freeze pretty well after like an hour though if you’re impatient like I am) and then I’ll just scrape a few off with a spoon and give them to my rats and they love them! Especially on a hot day (we don’t have too many of em here, I decided to make these because it’s been in the 90s all week). I’ve tried both peach and strawberry yogurt thus far and they seem to love both, I feel like these are a great alternative to store bought yogurt drops.

  • whittany says:

    well i have 6 pet rats and they all like frozen yogurt so if anyone wants to give that a try then go ahead it is good for them to. My rats also like gatorade so if you ever want to give that a try then go ahead that is good for them too. I thought i let all you know that cheerios can give the rats uti so dont feed your rats cheerios thre not good for them

  • Vivster says:

    oh ,you can go to petsmart and stuff to buy treats for them.DO NOT give them junk food or candy of any kind.that will kill them.:)

  • Movie Fanatic says:

    Most rats love crackers (unsalted), they are soft and easy to nibble on. But don’t feed them too many or they won’t eat their regular food, say about half a cracker once a day per rat.

  • mailees alternate account says:

    they like cheese, carrots, cheerios (YUMMY!), fruit/ vegies.
    NOTHING to acidic and not too much greens, it messes up their digestion. =)
    this is a good site for games! http://www.dapper.com.au/toys.htm

  • Anonymous says:

    A good number of things you can do. Rats can be picky and do like variety, so check the .com site below that will give you some good info on feeding and caring for your pets.

  • Carolyn S says:

    Granola Bites Cheese nips rabbit pellet any kind of snack with either cheese or peanut butter.As for raw egg for their fur yes it is true.

  • Brian C says:

    Pet store yogurt drops they love. They aren’t bad for them, just not in huge quantities.
    No cheese – its not good for their bellies.
    Most fruits are OK if they like them.
    Egg is VERY good for them, and most rats love it. Raw egg can be VERY messy, so I usually nuked the egg in a microwave to cook it (a minute or two – not in shell! Break it into a container or bowl and cook it).
    Chicken bones can be very good for them as well. They aren’t the issue they are for dogs, because the rats will chew and crunch them up. The marrow is good for them, and they will happily lick the grease and remaining meat from the bones as well. Just not too many – a few bones each is sufficient.
    Rats in the wild are omnivores, and eat just about anything.
    I usually would treat my rats with pieces of my breakfast cereal. A piece or two of Life cereal, cause that’s what I eat. Oatmeal is also good, and most like it. As with anything, don’t go overboard and don’t give them too much too often. Treat them a few times a day (I would do it in the morning before I left, when I got home, and once in the evening when they were playing).

  • darkange says:

    I wouldnt give them raw egg but rats loved boiled eggs. They are also supposed to have a meat product in there diet once a week to keep them healthy. You can try strawberries and blueberries. Or carrots and they love apples and once a week as a treat I give mine cooked spagetti. They love it.

  • Andy D says:

    Hey, one of my rats is named pepper and she is black!
    I never give them raw egg as it can cause some very bad problems in humans and I just say “anything not good for humans are not good for rats.”
    I always try new things but right now their favorites are as follows.
    Turkey (cooked deli meat)
    Corn chips
    Potato (cooked)
    Black beans
    Bread soaked in milk they like
    And cucumber
    Cooked chicken bones.
    Hopefully this list helps.
    And Hopefully I helped.
    Good luck!
    Please do not listen to Brian C, he is wrong about his information.

  • ratnut says:

    I have included a list of what is OK to feed rats and what can be harmful or fatal.
    Pretty much anything humans eat, rats can also eat. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, NEVER give rats peanut butter. Peanut Butter is too thick and can cause the rats to choke. Never ive rats large quantities of soda. Did you know rats can’t burp?
    I enjoy giving my rats various fruits and veggies as treats, because they are healthy and they love them. Especially peas and carrots. If you don’t feel like or have the money to go out and buy a large amount of veggies, try going to your grocery store’s salad bar. You can pick and choose what foods you want and not end up with a large amount of something your rats won’t eat.
    Just remember, if it is healthy for you, it is healthy for your rats, and if it is junk food for you, it is junk food for your rats. Try not to give them too many things loaded with fats or sugar. As for the raw egg, I’ve never heard that (I would be concerned about salmonella), but I do know rats enjoy cooked egg. Try giving them a cooked egg still in the shell. They will smell the food and try to figure out how to get it out of the shell. It is both food and mental/physical stimulation.

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