What Are Some Good Sites For More Information On Pet Rats?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 18, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I just got two pet rats, both male. I am just wanting to find out more information about rats, maybe even some fun sites. I’m really enjoying these guys, I didn’t know rats played like puppies!

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  • Shaz says:

    ON contrare…rats CAN have chocolate. The same ingredient that is toxic to dogs can relive respritory symptoms in your rat. You want fun sites I listed them!! Shaz

  • BROOKEEE says:

    try some pet store websites if you don’t want to buy a manual at your local pet sore those can be handy for rats and hamsters, little pets you know. but the websites have basically the same thing. ex. petsmart.com

  • wolfinat says:

    We’ve only had our rats for a month and already it seems like they’ve been here forever. Did you also know you can train your rats to do tricks for you? It take lots of repetitiveness, persistence, and patience. You can buy books on rat training too. I also find that the females are a bit more active and the males are quite sweet. Both of ours like to sit on your shoulder, just watch out for the poop, it’s huge.
    Don’t give your rats any citrus, it causes cancer in males. Don’t give your rats chocolate, corn, candy, caffeinated and carbonated beverages, onions, sticky foods such as taffy and peanut butter, and junk food. Limit the amount or omit dried corn and give fresh instead. Limit fatty foods like nuts and sunflower seeds.
    Here are the sites I keep in my favorites. Good luck and have fun. We also got some books from our local pet store for comparison on care, housing, food and breeding tips with the internet. There is some contradictory information out there.

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