What Are Healthy And Unhealthy Things To Feed A Rat?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 19, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I like to keep my big old rat in my pocket, and my rat likes to eat, and I like to leave alot of leftovers. What would be unhealthy to feed my rat, of my leftovers? And what is healthy for them?
Ha, rat is in my hood, silly rodent.

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  • HeLLoThE says:

    just go by what you eat. rats can almost eat anything, but think about this: if you wouldnt eat 10 cupcakes then he wont either. Rats cannot tell when they are full so you must watch and they also dont have a good gag reflex so i suggest to just feed him/her like you do yourself.

  • Karin says:

    Fruits, vegetables, and treats made for rats are good. They also like uncooked pasta (but only give them one piece, as it will expand once they eat it), cereal (low sugar kinds, like Kix), and nuts (unsalted, in the shells- try almonds). Don’t give your rat too many nuts though. It’s not healthy for rats to eat too many human foods. Most of his food intake should be rat food. Definitely stay away from chocolate. I’ve also heard that green beans are bad (dangerous) for rats. Make sure any fruits or vegetables you give your rat are washed really well so that all pesticides are washed off.

  • chris r says:

    in the wild rats are omnivores, they eat anything and everything they can.
    basically, if you eat it they can too. for treats they love sweets and fruit, but the best thing for their mainstay is actually dog food. you can buy it in bulk, it’s a fraction of the cost of commercially prepared rodent food, and they love the stuff.
    give him anything you want as long as it is in moderation.

  • Cassandra B says:

    Not cheese and meat, or chocolate. Actually, almost everything you eat they can’t. Well, sure they’ll eat it and it probably won’t kill them but it’s really unhealthy for them. Feed them lots of small animal seed mixes, you know the ones that say rat, gerbil and hamster food on them. Also, oranges with peels on them.
    ~OK to those ppl who think rats are unclean and nasty, the rats that people own are totally different from the rats on the streets. Domestic rats are about as different as street rats as dogs are from wolves or as your house hole cat is from a lion. They are two totally different species of animals. (Also, domestic rats spend 90% of their time cleaning themselves. They are cleaning then cats, no offense. . .)

  • sandand_ says:

    I used to give my rats overripe fruit that I wasn’t going to eat. They went crazy for strawberries. Also Cheerios are pretty good and they like them. I’ve even given them a taste of ice cream. Never gave them candy or nuts really, but since in the “wild” (or in cities) they practically live on garbage, not much should harm them.

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