What Are Fun (and Clean) Games To Play With Pet Rats?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 20, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

Does anyone have any suggestions for fun ways to play with pet rats? Any chewable household found items? Or ideas for toys or homemade gyms?
And if possible, how do you play with pet rats on surfaces if you don’t want them to pee so much? Such as carpeted floors or beds?

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  • whitney j says:

    haha my two dumbo rats love to be on my shoulder and when im watching a movie i let them go under a blanket and we play peek a boo and they run to my feet and do it again !!
    they love cheerios and baby yogurt treats that are really cheap at walmart they also love to dig in my laundry pile and bring out wrappers and stuff i left in my pockets and put it in a pile in the middle of the room theyre soo fun to have !!

  • Loly pop says:

    A have a gorgeous lazy fat male rat and most of the time he just curls up on my bed ans falls asleep but when he does want to play he goes crazy for plastic straws I poke him lightly a few times to get him excited an then he just chases them then when he gets 1 he will run into a corner ans chew it up he loves it. I also run my handd around the floor and he plays with it like its another rat its so cute x

  • RAtCrAzY says:

    Hi I have two Rattys Called Nezummi and Neptra.
    They love a game called…….
    Music Sounds Great
    What you do is you put on any music and put the volume loud but not too loud
    Then you tell them a command like dance and they chatter along to the music and put their paws in the air.
    Hope you enjoy

  • Spozhmai says:

    I made a rat garden for my two girls to play in. It’s a flat-shaped tupperware container (marketed for under bed storage). I put potting soil in it (the cheap kind with no fertilizers–fertilizers are dangerous to rats) and then organic wheat grass seed. You can buy the wheat grass seed online for really cheap, but make sure it’s organic. Water the soil and the seeds sprout in about 2 days, the rats love nibbling the sprouting seeds and digging in the soil. You can decorate the garden with different, random objects (I made a tunnel out of a 2 liter soda bottle with the ends cut off). Just make sure you boil and wash anything you bring in from outside, if you want to decorate with rocks and things. Once, I didn’t do that well and got bugs in the garden. After the grass grows and dies, you can empty the container outside and start the garden all over again. My rats love this, and it’s super clean, because the container is emptied about once ever 2 or 3 months.

  • Erin says:

    I just got rats and I cover a safe place with newspaper or anything else that can get ruined and then put shredded newspaper everywhere and they work together and push all the newspaper into a big pile then dig a hole through it and since they are tired from playing they curl up and fall asleep. I sometimes do this with their cage also.

  • Rat Lover101 says:

    how do you teach a baby rat “NO!”

  • milotherat says:

    i love my rats i have four milo is the crazy one biscit is the snitchy one suger is very shie and cream is very geantal

  • My rats love diving headfirst into a pile of my dirty laundry! We also have an old rag box that I let them play in (they like the fact that I let them take what ever they want 😛

  • RattyWarrior says:

    One of the things I love to do with my two babies is take a old jean leg, and throw it on the floor. They LOVE tunneling through it!

  • Alex loves all rodents <:3 )~ says:

    My rats enjoy a good game of chase and pounce. It involves taking a pencil, ribbon or similar object and wiggling it around til it catches thier eye, then once they try to go for it keep dragging it along the ground. My rats will chase the end of the pencil all over the room. This also works with trailing shoelaces. My rats chase me all over the house endlessly if my shoes are untied. I’ve had up to 7 rats at a time following one string. It’s really cute to see.
    Another thing they like is having a thread spool, film can , etc. (they seem to prefer cylindrical objects for some reason) rolled across the floor. They will run after it attack it and scamper off. It only keeps thier interest if it is moving however and only girls seem to enjoy playing these games. Boys are more simple minded I guess and really just enjoy being tickled.
    Wind game:
    They love to have someone blow air gently in their faces. They were fascinated by a gentle stream or intermittent puffs. Swaying their heads, they would get closer and closer to us, then try and investigate our mouths, the source of the air. They never got tired of this game, although we sometimes got tired of playing it with them and never let them find the secret source inside our mouths (“Off limits, girls!”).
    Tag, Flipping, and Wrestling:
    Tag, flipping, wrestling are good games because they’re all in the range of normal rattie behavior. If you watch them playfight, they chase each other, the one who runs will decide to turn the tables and become the “attacker” all of a sudden, etc.
    What you can try is to tickle your rat on his/her “rump”, just above the tail, then remove your hand, do it again, or when he looks back at his rump, tickle him under the chin. Use a finger or two and poke him a little! You should get a response if your rat is tame enough, if he’s still new and unused to you, he’ll probably look at you like he wants no part of it, he’ll come around to wrestling soon enough though. I started out with one rat and she decided she wanted to fight my finger when she was very very tiny, it was really funny, she gave me little “bites” too.
    The Ribbon Game:
    One of our rats likes the ribbon game. We dangle a hair ribbon into her cage and she grabs and pulls on it. Sometimes we pull back on it for tug-o-war and sometimes we let her pull it most of the way into the cage, then catch the end before it goes in. We put the new end into the cage, so she pulls that in, and then we catch the other end, etc. The funniest part is when she’s pulling on one end and standing on the other and can’t figure out why the ribbon won’t budge.
    It is fun to poke the rats from under a blanket that they are walking on.
    Coin Wrapper Surprise!:
    My ratties LOVE to play “Coin Wrapper Surprise.” I take a paper coin wrapper of any size (the bigger the better, however) and stuff bread or raw pasta in it, close one end all the way, close the other end very loosely or not at all, throw it to my ratties and they GO NUTS trying to grab it and open it and carry it around and steal it from whoever has it already and, well, it goes on for ages until all the stuffed-in food comes out and they have a ratty feast!
    I hope this helps! Have fun!

  • elapsede says:

    I take my rats into the bathroom to run around so I can clean up any pee drops they may leave. Rats are always leaving little drops of pee everywhere so don’t take them anywhere you don’t want pee on.
    As for toys, I have an empty cereal box and empty 12 pack pop box that they love to hang out in. Cheap and they love it. A fun game involving water is pea fishing. Get a flat and shallow tupperware container and fill it with about a half inch of warm water. Throw some frozen peas in there and your rats will figure out all sorts of fun ways to get the peas! My rats hate bath time/ water in general, but will not hesitate to get in the water with this game. You might want to put a towel under the tupperware so water doesn’t get anywhere. My rats like towels too. I will put one of the floor and create some tunnels for them to run through and they love to run through them and burrow.

  • Tiere13 says:

    If you are worried about the urine, cover your bed with washable blankets of fleece – it will catch all the urine, keep whatever is underneath dry, and you can then wash the blanket. You can do this on carpet, too, but you’ll have to create a boundary to keep them on the blankets (taping big pieces of cardboard together like a playpen is the cheapest way to go).
    Chewable household items include paper towel or toilet paper rolls, old rags and towels, and yarn.
    There are lots of things you can do for fun – the limit is your imagination and what you are willing to build. Rats like to forage and explore (so you could hide food and treats in paper towels, fabrics, or newpapers in shoe boxes for them to find or stash back in their cage if they have a ramp or bridge to go back to the cage with). A lot of rats also like to chase your hand or cat toys (the soft balls are a favorite of my rats) – and you can even teach them to fetch. Peek-a-boo is another popular rat game, just give them places to hide like towels or tubes. Some rats also like to dive for peas (put frozen peas in a shallow dish with water). You can build any shape of homemade gym you want, with different levels, bridges, etc – build it out of plywood and cover with waterproof vinyl shelf liner to make it resistant to urine and easy to clean. Adding climbing ropes (braiding strips of fleece together works well) can make it more interesting. You can also build mazes and agility courses.
    Have fun!

  • Courtney says:

    I generally keep my rats off my bed, and my floor is hardwood, so I’m not much help in that area! However, I do have a couple of things I like to do with my rats.
    The laundry pile! I take my dirty laundry and put it in a pile on the floor. They absolutely love climbing through it, and since I’m just going to wash it anyway there’s no cleanliness issue. 😛
    I also like to get big cardboard boxes and stuff them full of random crumpled papers, ripped papers, tissues, toys, treats, etc. and let them root through it. They would always try to get into my trash can, so I figured this was the safer way. :]

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