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In our May/June 2015 issue, we ran a story on Utah’s dog-friendly businesses and community events, the latest dog gear and Utah dogs at the workplace (click here for the story).

Tying in with our dog feature (we’re currently holding a doggie gear giveaway as well), we asked Salt Lake magazine staff members to pose for these photos with their pets, dogs or otherwise.

Office/Marketing Manager Cady Borchers with her fish

“This is me and my fish, who doesn’t have a name, but he lives in Bikini Bottom!”

Account Executive Danielle Holmes with her dog Monreaux

“Meet Monreaux. She is an adventurous and loving creature that can never get enough of people and the outdoors.”

Salt Lake magazine editor Mary Brown Malouf with her cat Frito

“Our cat Frito is a female orange tabby. Only about 20 percent of orange tabbies are female, so Frito is unusual and, we think, kind of brilliant. This is where our cat Frito likes to sit when I’m writing at home. You’ve probably noticed how her influence shows up in my articles.” 

Managing Editor Glen Warchol, also with Frito

“Frito, my wing cat on a Utah road trip. I used to let her drive, but she goes off the road to run down jack rabbits and ground squirrels. She obsesses a little on murder.”

Events and Marketing Manager Amanda Pratt and her husband Marcus with their dog Bree

“We have had Bree for three years, and she is a lady. She strikes this regal face in most photos. We love her dearly.” 

Web Editor Jaime Winston with his rat Gail

“Some people assume pet rats are dirty; mine take baths. Gail licks your hand if you pet her, she loves hiding in blankets, and she hated this hat. Her sister, Sarita, usually won’t stay calm enough for photos.”

Account Executive Mary Helen Irvine with her dog Ulli

“I asked for name suggestions from friends and Ulli came up. He’s my little Norse god of snow.”

Account Executive Janette Erickson with her dog Miss Monty

“Miss Monty is very intelligent and loves being with her family. She tries to herd you at meal times, loves to play fetch and teaches guests how the game is played.”

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