Watch Comic Con Go Apeshit For Brie Larson, ‘Captain Marvel’

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At the Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic Con, Brie Larson took the stage in her first official appearance as an actress employed by the superhero story juggernaut. Larson had, of course, been rumored as Marvel’s choice for Carol Danvers months ago, but the rumor’s confirmation is still a celebrated one in the fandom.

Danvers, who famously handed over the Ms. Marvel title to New Jersey Muslim teen Kamala Kahn in the comic source text, will be Marvel’s first female lead in a superhero film. Danvers, as she appears in Marvel comics currently, is a time-traveling soldier who spends a great deal of her time in outer space, negotiating conflicts on alien planets and caring for an orange cat. As director Paul Feige said previously, “[Captain Marvel’s] origins are very much Earthbound, but her adventures and power base come from the cosmic realm,” which means she’ll fit right in with the increasingly cosmic, magical and extraterrestrial nature of Marvel’s upcoming phases.

Marvel's official title card for the 2019 film.Marvel's official title card for the 2019 film.

Brie Larson, who will star in Kong: Skull Island and who won her first Academy Award as Best Actress for her performance in Room, has been a critical and commercial darling for years, starring in both beloved indie films and geek-friendly blockbuster Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

It’s easy to see why the fans in Hall H exploded with joy when she was ushered onstage to join a huge Marvel-cast photo.

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