Video: Silly Squirrel Terrorizes/Entertains Harlem CVS

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Aug 31, 2012 in Rat News | Subscribe

The squirrel, before getting busted by the cops.

Once upon a time the SoHo store Yellow Rat Bastard used to actually have a few pet rats caged beneath its front window display on Broadway. Those days are long gone, but this morning folks passing by the CVS on 116th Street and Lenox Avenue got a similar view when a squirrel decided to do laps in the store’s front window.

The little critter moved into the store on Monday morning (“he just walked like a customer into the store,” an employee told DNAinfo) and had remained inside, but out of reach of the store’s staff, since. Each day they tried to catch him and he’d just keep running away, but not outside, and then eating packaged nuts at night. That all changed this morning, however, when he went and got stuck in the store’s window and became a local attraction. “About 15 kids gathered in front of the window to watch the show, while other passersby snapped photos on their cellphones, the staffer said.”

Finally the store relented and called the cops to help them deal with the furry menace. But even the coppers had trouble catching him. It took four officers, two wearing rubber gloves, almost an hour to finally push the squirrel into a cardboard box and get him out of the store.

Now, if CVSs had bodega cats this kind of thing just wouldn’t be a problem!

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