US woman surrenders 71 pet rats

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Updated: 09:28, Sunday January 29, 2012

US animal control officials in Massachusetts were looking after 71 rats on Saturday after their owner became overwhelmed and surrendered them.

The woman took home a couple of rodents from her local pet store three months ago because she didn’t want to see them become food for snakes, the Boston Globe reported.

But the rats multiplied until she had dozens on her hands, the paper said.

Unable to care for them, she surrendered them Thursday to the MSPCA-Angell Adoption Center in Boston.

MSPCA veterinary technician Andrea Ruplis said the rats were “mostly healthy, despite the owner’s inability to take proper care of them.”

They are being examined for diseases and will then be put up for adoption.

Earlier in January, a similar population predicament overwhelmed a Massachusetts man who turned his horde of 94 hamsters over to another MSPCA shelter.

A US woman has surrended 71 pet rats to an animal shelter, after the rodents had quickly multiplied and overwhelmed her.


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