To buy or not to buy? Pet products put to the test

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And animals.

Let’s go outside to the boys thanks.

— — Products to consider for Fido or fluffy but which ones look at the tails wagging and which we’ll take a bite out of your wallet a whole lifestyle expert — — Megan’s just half must have dot com has done the testing — — and Megan has some amazing stuff.

That’s — the — that is a really compelling — Is this more I — — — — more interest — an advantage however.

Yeah nice to meet you guys — in the commercial — supposed to stimulate — details spinning around now — here.

It’s adding a little bit of stage — this morning.

Max you.

This toy does this is supposed to be out aren’t good entertainment for the cats.


What do you — 99 you know I haven’t had — and I just friends who was this season that was so intimate that he was — getting — (%expletive) I Detroit’s.

It must have something there.

It’s yeah it’s not so hot they’re warning movie and here we had to move on a turntable behind Tucker I thought it might look great idea this indeed pet rats are okay — cardboard.

— Funny could be — — — — right it’s not — company in the UK it’s available on Amazon.

But is nuts and basically it was a paint that would that tether it could be cardboard.

And it’s not just let’s at least that’s — but they don’t seem to want to — for me this is — must not I think you’re going to be like vacuuming the living — — — didn’t step — you’re gonna — this thing is going to be in the — yeah with city.

You can see no stretch I am holding the love glove.

And below this isn’t monkey deserve producer Sally saudis arrest you don’t really — you — you’ve got pat did not.

I’d give them a little — and it takes very well.

Except now.

You will do what I like about it is it’s messy.

That hair kind of flattens the air in your house I think — better off with a — With some teeth like that’s gonna hang on to the Harry and — — — the garbage symphony diplomats that you let the team dog Tucker I.

— — dad who is her I don’t know now this — August.

Believes — you guys have I’m holding what is this.

The — — company police say OK it’s about — — twelve — — all — and had a little gives you know you’re over anxious pop will not dislocating her shoulder begins just did not give to the dog and to the — hasn’t did you also we like that that’s.

A bungee she didn’t talk to your ironically jump ball yeah that’s good there not another marketing import — thing out here is Bart.

This is docking technology at its best right here on monkeys — you’ll see this little wearable bone this is like at ninety fueled and — find out so it will track your — activity you have an app on your phone and when you’re not work it’ll tell you if the dog walker came to take.

You know monkey out for as — court there’s not a lot of activity you’ll saying maybe.

Did today and it’s just.

Do you like a better pet parent and I guess just what he’s actually CES and also don’t hate to get out how straight — get out and fans alike — — an alert out like hot — they’re taking pre orders right now on — dot com and it’s 99 dollars extra monthly fees which side lights.

— done so much that you have to have an — — then.

Max is now — yeah we really appreciate your honesty.

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