Thug killed animals by throwing them against a wall and burning their feet

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Thug killed animals by throwing them against a wall and burning their feet
Lewis Fox abused animals to control his girlfriend (Picture: Jim Bennett)

A sadistic thug who tortured and killed pet hamsters as a way of tormenting his girlfriend.

Lewis Fox, 18, hurled rodent Beano at a wall and killed two pet rats.

The teen strangled one of the rodents with a telephone cable, squeezed one to death and set fire to another because it bit him.

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He even took photos of the dead pets to send to his then girlfriend in a revolting act of torment.

Trevor Wight, prosecuting, said: ‘He said he burnt its toes off with a lighter.

‘Perhaps most disgustingly of all, she described how he would pick his nose and then the bloody contents of his fingers would be wiped in her hair.’

Fox, from Sittingbourne, Kent, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour.

Maidstone Crown Court in Kent (Picture: PA)

Maidstone Crown Court heard the couple started a relationship in late 2014 but within the first month Fox was texting other girls.

He started controlling her and telling her what to wear, criticised her make-up and told her to dye her hair, but when she did so he said he did not like it.

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He tracked her social media accounts, flirted with her friends, was paranoid to be seen with her and spat in her face on numerous occasions.

Fox also told her how he wanted to ‘strangle and hurt you’ on her 18th birthday in July 2015 and gave her a cake before throwing it on the floor and kicking her out.

In November last year the victim was lying next to Fox in bed when she awoke to find him with his hands around her throat after discovering she had been texting another man.

She feared she could die and begged him to stop and he told her it would be easy to snap her neck and continued to throttle her for ten minutes.

Her father gave her £4,000 as an 18th birthday present and Fox borrowed £1,580 from her and did not pay it back.

A psychiatric report found that Fox, who suffers from ADHD, had a personality disorder, and a callous disregard for others.

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After killing the pets, the former scaffolder inflicted bruises on her wrists and body from being held down and on another occasion poured a bottle of water over her and burnt her with a cigarette.


Fox was jailed for 14 months – 10 months for controlling behaviour and four months consecutive for animal cruelty – and banned indefinitely from keeping any animals.

A restraining order banning contact with his ex-girlfriend was placed on Fox, whose new girlfriend is pregnant with his child.

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