Three pet rats seized from Calgary homes

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CALGARY — City officials are warning Calgarians that it is illegal to keep rats as pets after three Norway rats were seized from two homes last Thursday.

Bylaw services officers were tipped last week to the presence of the rats by a call to the city’s 311 line.

“We found two residences with rats and it is against provincial law to be in possession of any type of rats,� said animal bylaw manager Greg Steinraths.

The rats have since been turned over to bylaw services and the case remains under investigation, but on Monday Steinraths warned that possession of a rat can lead to a fine of up to $5,000.

Rats pose a considerable risk to public health, Steinraths said, especially if there is any possibility that they could be abandoned by their owners.

The bylaw services manager said Norway rats, also known as “fancy rats,� can adapt very quickly to being wild animals.

“They can spread disease and they can do a ton a damage to farm crops and damage to structures, as well,� Steinraths said.

Provincial law requires that rats discovered in Alberta either be euthanized or removed from the province.

Steinraths said that both residents from whom rats were seized are hoping to locate homes for the rats outside the province.

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