This Woman Left Her Husband for Her 19 Rats

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Rich Juzwiak

This Woman Left Her Husband for Her 19 Rats

It reads like the breeziest episode of Hoarders ever, but this preview is from TLC’s My Crazy Obsession (part of the arm of the channel’s freak-show programming — this show is basically My Strange Addiction: External and Lite).

In the clip above, a grown woman named Chantal enthuses about her 19 pet rats. She “huffs” one, and it smells good, apparently. It smells like nachos.

The rats have caused a rift in her marriage, and she has moved out as a result. Her poor husband Chester says, “Hopefully this is a short-term arrangement we have now.” Chantal doesn’t think it will be. Oh well. Who needs a man when you’ve got 19 nacho-smell producers? This season premiere airs Wednesday, April 3.

[via ONTD/Hollywood Reporter]

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