This Townhouse in Prospect-Lefferts is a Paisley Explosion

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Welcome to the Brooklyn Townhouse Roundup, where we—you guessed it—take a look at the most notable Brooklyn townhouses to hit the market over the past week. Got tips? Send ’em here.

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↑ Your crazy in-laws who run a magic-supply store and own pet rats would live in this three-story townhouse in Prospect-Lefferts Garden. The interior is bonkers, like, almost oppressively so, and every room looks like it was decorated by Dolores Umbridge at various stages of dementia. But hey, otherwise, it’s a pretty great space! The garden is gorgeous and huge, the parlor floor is expansive, there are wood-burning fireplaces, two terraces, and with an ask of $1.395 million, it’s fairly inexpensive. You’d probably have to spring for a good decorator, though.

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↑ On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, this newly-renovated 1901 brick federal in Park Slope is asking $2.79 million. The place has brand new appliances and amenities, custom counters and cabinets, a leafy garden, and 12′ ceilings with exposed beams.

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↑ Finally, here’s another four-floor townhouse in Park Slope. There are five bedrooms on the upper floors (though at least one of those rooms is more of a closet) and a garden apartment with rental potential. There are also a whole lot of nice little details, like the wood-burning fireplace and a roofdeck. It’s asking $2.55 million.

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