This is what happens when people meet pet rats for the first time (VIDEO)

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NEW YORK, Nov 19 — Believe it or not, domestic rats are clean, intelligent, enjoy human company and make wonderful pets.

Domestic rats have been called “low maintenance dogs” because of their appealing blend of intelligence and loyalty.

But just how open are people to the idea of keeping rodents as pets? Well leave it to BuzzFeed to find out the answer.

A group of people were presented with a small box in the form of a house and it took everyone a moment to get over the initial shock after discovering there were rats in the box.

While some seemed to take to the pet rats and others tried to keep their cool and maintain an open mind, there few the few who couldn’t help but get a little creeped out by the rats.

Would you want to keep a rat as a pet?

BuzzFeed decided to surprise a few people with some unexpected pets.

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