This Hull woman breeds fancy rats as a hobby – and says they can even learn tricks

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This Hull woman breeds fancy rats as a hobby – and says they are so intelligent they can even learn tricks.

Becky Mchugh, 36, of Boulevard, Hull, has set up a Facebook page dedicated to her love of breeding the furry little creatures, called Furry Babies Rattery Hull.

The page is dedicated to her pet rats, of which she has 12, and she also posts up any litters that she has available.

Mrs Mchugh, who is a mum-of-two, previously ran her own pet shop in Hull until last year and has 15-plus years of experience with rats. “I’m a hobbyist breeder,” she said. “I just do it for fun, I do it as a hobby.

Becky breeds fancy rats

Becky breeds fancy rats

“I used to sell them at my pet shop but there’s a lack of hobbyist breeders in Hull.

“I’m about to become a member of the National Fancy Rat Society.

“I need to be a member for a year before I can be a registered rattery.”

But she will not allow the rats simply to go to anybody and has even drawn up a list of requirements that need to be met. “I have rules that need to be met if people want my rats,” she said. “I need to know they are going to good homes.

Becky has 12 pet rats

Becky has 12 pet rats

“By the time they leave me, they are lovely and tame.

“They need to be kept in multiples really. Ideally three upwards.

“If I wasn’t happy with the set-up, I would refuse to let my rats go to them.”

Mrs Mchugh, who also gives advice on her Facebook page, says she will only allow adult females to be bred twice and says they are “pets first and foremost”. According to Mrs Mchugh, baby rats need to be kept with their mother for six weeks so will be ready to leave her after that period.

Noodle, Squirt and Soup

Noodle, Squirt and Soup

Mrs Mchugh breeds a variety of rats but is mainly concentrating on the rex variety. She also breeds blue rats. She admits it might sound a little “crazy” to some, but says it is time people realised they are a great pet to keep.

“They are lovely to keep, they are intelligent and they can be taught tricks,” she said. “They are very social. They love being handled. They are very rewarding to keep.

“They are super clean animals.”

Becky also gives advice on Facebook

Becky also gives advice on Facebook

And Mrs Mchugh said the idea that they are dirty animals is a total misconception.

“I get a lot of people who quiz me as to why I would want to keep rats but they are nothing like wild rats,” she said. “I think it’s because people associate them with wild rats which carry diseases.

Becky Mchugh has just become a member of the National Fancy Rat Society

Becky Mchugh has just become a member of the National Fancy Rat Society

“They are nothing like wild rats, they are very very clean.”

For more details, view the Furry Babies Rattery Hull Facebook page here.

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