These two rats are loving, intelligent and impeccably clean: Pet Psyche

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Rory jumps before he thinks.

Which talent would Padraig most like to have?

He’d love to be able to sing like his older brother, Jimmy (Beddoe’s Amazon parrot).

Which talent would Rory most like to have?

He would like to be able to talk — he has a lot to say.

What would Padraig’s favourite occupation be?

Food critic. He enjoys eating and savors every bite (which is how Rory steals hisfood).

What would Rory’s favourite occupation be?

An explorer — he’s always on the move and very curious.

What does Padraig consider his greatest achievement?

Being able to look after his little brother.

What does Rory consider his greatest achievement?

Jumping off the sofa one day and exploring a brand new world.

What is it that Padraig most dislikes?

The time between breakfast and dinner.

What is Rory’s most treasured possession?

His home. He thinks he is in charge of the entire cage.

Who is Padraig’s hero of fiction?

The beast from Beauty and the Beast. People look at rats as being ugly, but he’s so beautiful inside and he has to prove that like the beast.

Who is Rory’s hero of fiction?

Indiana Jones.

What is Padraig’s motto?

Good things will happen to those who wait.

What is Rory’s motto?

It’s now or never!

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