The sTATement: Subway Rat Loses Battle

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Oct 20, 2013 in Rat News | Subscribe

     In the depths of the New York subway system there is dirt and filth of all kinds. It is the least likely place you would expect to see a crowd of people smiling and staring down onto the tracks. Peering at the tracks all that is visible is a rat, and a large paper bag. A rat! “Why was there a large group of people staring at the rat?” you may wonder. The rat happened to be in an epic stalemate with the rail, trying to pull its paper bag under. It pulled and pushed, but the bag wouldn’t budge.

     People began to yell advice to the rat, too bad the rat didn’t understand.

“It reminded me of our many pet rats, and how often I was amazed with their cleverness. It also reminded me of people cheering for a sports team,” stated Monte Larson, an onlooker.

     There were about 20 people crowded around the rat when Larson first noticed the interesting spectacle.

“[Its weird] that such a wide variety of people would find it interesting and amusing. Old, young, hip, nerdy, homeless, well-dressed – everyone seemed to enjoy the spectacle,” Larson continued.

     In the end the rat never heard the victory music of getting its bag; it ran away when the train approached the station. Its hard work of maneuvering the paper bag was all in vain.

     “We watched him for about 5 minutes, and he probably wouldn’t have given up if a train hadn’t come. I wondered later if he had gone back out and got what was left of the bag after the train went through,” Larson said hopefully.

     Growing up in Utah, Larson would never have expected to see a crowd of New Yorkers smiling and cheering about anything, let alone a filthy rat. 

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