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Summer is officially here, and it’s a season filled with a lot of fun for us humans — but from a pet’s vantage point, it can prove to be quite difficult — especially during Fourth of July and other gatherings.

Fireworks (and in some cases gunfire) are unfamiliar and frightening to pets of all species.

I’ll admit, Independence Day isn’t my favorite holiday, but only because of that. So many pets are frightened by the noise and lights associated with fireworks, and it’s hard to see companion animals in such distress. As a result, I do spend a lot of time taking precautions to ensure the comfort and well-being of my charges. Surely those of you with pets can relate!

In case you weren’t aware, if you share life with pets and they find all of the noises and lights associated with fireworks hard to deal with, your collective lives will probably get more challenging where fireworks are concerned due to some new legislation.

Gov. Rick Snyder signed a law into legislation in December that now allows louder, more powerful fireworks to be legal in Michigan.

As we’ve all experienced, the noise of fireworks doesn’t occur just on July 4, and that can be challenging.

But sadly, this time of year — along with New Year’s Eve — is one of the most prevalent times for missing pets, as many become frightened and dart out open doors. Injuries from coming into contact with fireworks can pose a threat during this time as well.

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