The internet is trying to decide who would win in this wild animal …

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The internet loves a good fight, especially if the circumstances are ridiculous.

So here’s the scenario – you can pick two of the following: 50 hawks, 10 crocodiles, three brown bears, seven cape buffalo, a hunter, 15 wolves, 10,000 rats, five gorillas and four lions.

The two groups you pick are on your team, and the ones you don’t are coming to get you. So who are you choosing?

People have been giving their reasons for which combination would win – some more seriously than others.

For sheer numbers alone, a lot of people wanted 10,000 rats on their side.

One person wanted clarification – were these shop-bought pet rats, or wild sewer-dwellers?

Because if you’re going to choose your hypothetical elite team of wild killers, you need to get your facts straight.

When the same question was put to Reddit, several highly rated answers advocated for the rats.

ChaosMilkTea said: “The rats because 10,000 is an intense amount of rats. It is practically black water with teeth.”

And who else?

“The hunter so he doesn’t shoot me.”

Probably a good idea.

And you can’t let personal preferences get in the way of this very serious decision.

“I’m a Lion man,” said user amlybon, “and it’s impossible to win against rats, ever.”

What about five gorillas, they’re pretty fearsome killers right?

They do look pretty scary in zoos.

If you’re looking at numbers, 50 hawks is, well, a lot of hawks.

Reddit user Angrysliceofpizza said they’d choose them for a non-violent victory.

“The 50 hawks will carry me to safety,” they suggested, “while the 10,000 rats act as a distraction.”

Another went for a less popular combination – 15 wolves and a hunter – to get them out of harm’s way.

“The hunter and I split seven wolves each, make a sled and we two run away, one wolf left I bring home for petting,” said user neried56.

Everybody wins.

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