The Grillennium Falcon Food Truck Makes Food Trucks Even Awesomer

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Jul 12, 2012 in Rat News | Subscribe

I don’t care what kind of chemical puddles and pet rats are hanging around in the back of food trucks, they’re awesome. They’re like a drive-thru for even lazier people. Impossibly, though, they just got awesomer: enter the Grillenium Falcon Food Truck.

And the awesome continues: it specializes in gourmet grilled cheese. Lord, take me now. So where in New York City can I find the Star Wars-themed truck? Nowhere. It’s in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Seriously. Owned by the folks at Hammontree’s Take Home Gourmet, you’ll only be able to get at this if you go Down South.

I can’t quite make out the menu on the side of the food truck, but Hammontree’s proper restaurant sells a grilled cheese called the Cheebacca (sharp white cheddar, bacon, pulled pork, grilled onions and garlic cilantro sauce on sourdough). At least you’ll have the same breath as Chewbacca. I trust the rest of their menu, which includes soups, is all Star Wars-themed. What say you, Arkansas readers? Have you been? Could it possibly live up to our Cloud City-high expectations?

Hopefully you grammar queens out there will be able to get over the fact that it’s spelled Grillenium instead of Grillennium without throwing up your tea and cucumber sandwiches everywhere.

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