That’s Not a Dog: Coyotes Alarm Frisco Residents

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Nov 18, 2014 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

FRISCO, TX-Frisco we have a problem, it’s quick, adaptable and could eat the family pet!

We’re talking coyotes! Frisco residents recently flooded animal control’s phone lines to report the wild animals.

On Monday night, the City of Frisco held a meeting to talk about coyote scare tactics. Encouraging residents who come face to face with coyotes to use hazing techniques to scare them off!

Tips to ward them off : Don’t leave out any trash or pet food, don’t run away from them, and act big, bad and loud if you see one!

Apparently these dogs are real scaredy cats!

“The coyotes are feeding off the mice and the rats and the rabbits and if they can’t find them they’ll go after the little dogs,” said Eric Richey.

Luckily for us, one thing the coyotes aren’t into is humans. The city says trapping and killing the coyotes won’t work, only cutting numbers down temporarily and removing them is costly.

Just remember, humans are encroaching on coyote habitat, so don’t expect them to make like a tree and leave any time soon.

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