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Chinese Zodiac Rat

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 18, 2009 in Rat Articles

The Chinese say that it is an honor to be born in the year of the Rat because Rat people are have a remarkable sense of vision. They can anticipate problems and quickly develop a strategy to deal with it even before the problem arrives. Because of this ability Rats are highly respected. It will only take the Rat less than a day to gel with a work place when it takes other people days or even weeks to get adjusted. Because of their highly perceptive nature Rats make good leaders than employees. Rats almost fit into any kind of profession.

Rats do not confide in people although they are very chatty. Though they exude a very calm air they can be very nervous people inside. Rats have a tendency to collect kick-knacks and a Rat person’s house will sure to be filled with a lot of things.

Rats are not very romantic people. But when they are with a highly compatible partner they can be very intense and passionate.

Rats always save for a rainy day. Rats are not much into the “a la mode” concept. Their homes may not be luxurious but it will be filled with warmth. Rats are very domestic and take very good care of their family.

Rants make excellent writers, broadcasters, actors, advisors, counselors, lawyers, politicians, designers, engineers, managers, directors, administrators, entrepreneurs, musicians, stand-up comedians, researchers, historians and race car drivers.

On the Positive side Rats are meticulous, intelligent, charismatic, charming, ambitious, practical, industrious and eloquent.

On the Negative side Rats are controlling, resentful, manipulative, cruel, vengeful, stubborn, power-hungry and critical.

The gemstone of the Rat is Garnet.

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