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Are Rats The Right Pets For You?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 17, 2009 in Rat Articles

Are Rats The Right Pets For You?

There are as many reasons to choose a rat as a pet as there are people that like rats.

Are you looking for a pet that does not take up a great deal of room in your house and your life? You might want to consider having a rat as a pet if you have a small house or apartment and/or have a very busy with work or school. These small creatures are extremely sociable little animals that get along with just about any other rat, as well as most people. A small part of rat care in this case is to make certain that you get a cage that is the right size for your rat and make sure that he or she is comfortable in that cage.

Are you able to spend plenty of time playing with, talking with, loving and training a rat? Knowing the answer to this question will help you decide whether or not owning a rat is the right choice. There are many facets of rat care that apply here (feeding, watering, cage cleaning and other things); yet the most important thing to your pet rat is having lots and lots of good playtime with and attention from their owner/person. If you are not going to be able to take the time to let him or her out of their cage for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday, you need to think again about this.

Do you want a very intelligent pet? Make no mistake about it, rats are very smart folks! Some are so intelligent that you can actually teach them to do many different tricks and to come to their name. You need to remember that rats are intelligent enough to know what their individual names are, who their owner/person is as well as whether or not their owner truly loves then and has time for them. Part of good rat care in this case is to make certain that you always talk to your rat, teach him/her how to do what you want and what you expect from them and to pay attention to them.

A good rat care rule of thumb here is this: a rat needs more than just Food, Fresh Water, a Clean Cage and a Good Home; they also need Love, Attention, Affection, Plenty of Playtime with you and Plenty of Petting and Affection. Rats are such loving creatures that you are going to love playing with them all that you can.

You must be able to devote an hour or more of good quality play time and rat care to your pet? If you do not have the necessary time to spend being able to play with, groom and take care of your rodent friend, you would be advised to choose a pet that is not going to need the attention from their people/owners that rats thrive on.

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