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Midwest 142 Ferret Nation Double-Level Ferret Cage with Ramps

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 20, 2009 in Rat Cages

Midwest 142 Ferret Nation Double-Level Ferret Cage with Ramps

Designed with ferrets and their caretakers in mind, this ferret cage offers a feature-filled habitat, user-friendly habitat. Its wide expanse shelf and full-width plastic pan floor provides maximum play area and prevents dangerous falls. In addition, the unit contains appropriately angled ramps that swing-up and lock to securely separate ferrets for feeding and care, as well as multiple points for attaching accessories like hammocks, tubes, and toys. Made with a 15-mm sturdy square tube frame and 12-gauge wire, the cage offers 1-by-5-5/8-inch mesh sides, full-width double doors for easily accessible cleaning and feeding, and ferret-proof dual-locking doors that latch for simple one-handed operation. The maneuverable stand with locking casters raises the cage to a convenient height and provides storage area below. Accessories include two pans that measure 34-5/8 by 22-7/8 inches each, two height-adjustable measuring 17 by 22 by 7/8 inches each, and three ramps measuring 18-5/8 by 5-1/2 inches each. Attractively designed with its platinum-gray hammertone finish, the ferret cage measures 36 by 25 by 62-1/2 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.Click here to Purchase!

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