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How to Introduce a pet rat to water

Posted by Mr.Rattitude on Jun 20, 2010 in Rat Videos

Please read: This video should help to show a good way to introduce your pet rats to water and one day could result in them diving and swimming in it :). However, it’s important to understand that some pet rats will just not like water. Your success will vary depending on your individual critter(s). This description runs along-side the video so please read: Important Rules: * Never place your rat in the water, if your rat has not chosen to go in itself then it will instinctively just want to get straight back out again. This will not be a good water experience and can really set progress back. * Always use fresh, clean water and clean the tubs out well before each use. * It’s really important to take the increase in depth slowly. Base it on your rats progress so that you are going at their speed not your own. They will go in deeper water in time but if you make it too deep too early they will just not go in and you will end up taking steps backwards. * Its again important that your rat can at all times get out if they want to. So, if the sides of the tub are too high for the rat to EASILY jump out of, there really must be a ladder. If the rat does not have an easy route out they will feel less secure and this will lead to either not wanting to go in, or once in they will just want to get straight back out. * With the last point in mind I’m against using the bath tub as a swimming place for rats. The sides of the bath are too tall for easy and safe escape, also there is

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Pet rats – why it’s important to have two or more

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Jun 20, 2010 in Rat Videos

Food for thought for those considering buying just one rat on its own, or those who already have just one rat: Rats are really sociable animals and need company all the time, not just human interaction and cuddles but rat companionship. Someone to groom and to groom them back, someone to curl up with for warmth and safety at night, someone to eat food beside so that they don’t feel vunerable. No matter how great an owner you are or how much time your rat spends with you, you still have to sleep and work and no human can replace a second rat for the interaction they get from one another. It’s so important for their quality of life to have a buddy with them at all times. Please ask any questions and leave comments. I hope the video can start to show the connection and bond that two rats form. Whiskey and Womble would never want to be without the other. Please note: If you do only have one rat at the moment then it’s important that you don’t simply get another rat and put it into the same cage. In that situation rats will often fight and could kill each other. For advise on introducing rats to each other please message me. I also just want to add that recently Womble has been pretty ill and Whiskey has been so great to him. He cuddles and grooms him and won’t leave his side. They know when something is wrong with the other and will do what they can to help. Thanks for watching

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How to teach a pet rat to retrieve and drop a ball (7 steps)

Posted by Mrs.Rattitude on Jun 19, 2010 in Rat Videos

Extra information: This trick is much harder to teach than the ones Ive previously done a video for (spinning and walking on back legs), so apologies that the video is so long but it needs to be. You will need a lot of patience for this and may need to spend many training sessions on each step before moving on so that your rat can get used to the task at hand. If you move on too fast you will find that your rat will either ignore the glass altogether or at best put two front feet on it and just stare at the ball as though its impossible. If this happens just drop back a step and work with your rat to make that step more mastered before trying again. Womble here has mastered the trick this far (although Im finding more and more that I can take this trick further and have big plans for the next few steps, so be creative), Whiskey is still a work-in-progress and I am using these exact steps so I know the process works. Before each attempt its important to show the rat the treat and the ball so that it understands what is expected, I havent shown that often in this video (it was long enough already) but it is always done, just mostly off camera. Also, once your rats have gotten the hang of what is being asked of them (removing the ball) its worth taking the treat out from the ball, this tends to cause a distraction later on in the training rather than helping If you get lucky you may find that your rat will pick up that it can jump on top of the glass early on and you can

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