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What Is The Best Bedding For A Pet Rat?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 21, 2009 in Rat Answers

I saved a pet rat from becoming snake food, someone didn’t know the difference between a pet rat and a feeder. They said that the snake won’t eat anything if it smells like humans so they chopped the tip off his poor little tail.
Right now he’s in a small loaner cage which I plan to get him a bigger, better one, I look forward to spoiling him and making him feel welcomed in our family, I’m just unsure of the bedding. I’ve never owned a pet rat, just married a couple. Any helpful feedback I get would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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What Causes Tumors In Rats And Whats The Best Way To Prevent Them From Occurring?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 18, 2009 in Rat Answers

A few years ago when I was a freshmen in High School I had a siamese rat which got 2 tumors under her front legs and a large one on the side of her face. Now I’m in college and just yesterday I brought a female fancy rat (named Macie) which is about 3 months old.
What could I do to prevent Macie from getting tumors?
What causes tumors in rats?

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What Is The Best Way To Introduce My New Pet Rats To My Home?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 18, 2009 in Rat Answers

I will be adopting three pet rats in a few days. I am adopting them from a couple who feel that they do not give the rats enough attention, but they are definitely hand tamed. Should I play with my rats as soon as I take them home or should I leave them alone for a while? If so, how long should I leave them alone? I know a move could be stressful and I want to alleviate the stress as much as possible!

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