Stapleton HOA prohibits chickens, rabbits outside

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Caroline Vierow likes having chickens. She’s the administrator the group Chicken Lovers United Community of Stapleton (CLUCS). But for now, she’s not allowed to bring her chickens outside.

Stapleton Homeowner’s Association No. 7, a subsidiary of the Stapleton United Neighbors, passed a rule prohibiting anyone in the 118-home HOA from keeping food-producing animals outside or in common spaces.

Vierow has two chickens and a rabbit, also prohibited, living in her garage. Her family also owns a dog and two pet rats.

She said she and her husband are the only ones affected by this policy, and feels it is personal.

“I do feel this is personal, the board president and I and my husband have not seen eye to eye from the beginning,” she said.

The board president, Jerry Dowdy, said the vote was 4-1 in favor of the rule. The lone opposition vote came from Vierow’s husband, Dane, who is no longer on the board.

Dowdy said the Vierow’s sensationalized the issue, calling it a ban. He said a ban is inaccurate. They can keep the animals in their home.

“We don’t care what you do in the house,” Dowdy said. “But if whatever you do comes out of the house affects the values and your neighbors and the community you live in, the association has to step in.”

Dowdy said the Vierows’ property isn’t equipped to properly house chickens, and a request for a chicken coop was denied earlier this year. He said most of the lawn on their block is community space and that the neighbors don’t want chickens out there.

Dane Vierow disputes that and said the board did not take adequate steps to support their claim.

“The board is claiming that the majority of our board is not supporting us, but there was no formal poll,” Dane said. “We had a meeting with the board to try and appeal it and they weren’t receptive at all.”

Denver city ordinance allows up to eight chickens or ducks and two goats. HOA rules can supercede the ordinance.

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