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Snowpiercer, TNT’s upcoming hour-long television pilot, adapting director Bong Joon Ho’s 2013 South Korean dystopic sci-fi film of the same name, will be headlined by an Oscar-winner in Jennifer Connelly, who co-stars opposite Hamilton stage standout Daveed Diggs. They are joined by an ever-growing coterie of co-stars.

Snowpiercer TV Series News

Snowpiercer‘s proverbial apocalyptic locomotive of a production has just started chugging. Director Scott Derrickson – still riding high after his big screen spell-weaving success from last fall’s Doctor Strange – has posted an update that’s crucial, despite its minimalism, with the image of his director’s chair. In doing so, he confirms that production for the TNT television series has commenced.

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Snowpiercer TV Series Cast

Jennifer Connelly will play a character named Melanie Cavill, reports Deadline. A member of the train’s First Class, Melanie is known as the “Voice of the Train,” heard across all cars through a PA system, making daily announcements. While, the idea of front-end First-Classers looking down upon the back-end peasants is par for the course of the established story, it seems that Melanie fields a fascination with the other half; a fascination that may just put her in the orbit of Diggs’s Layton Well during a subsequent upheaval.

Connelly only has a few TV entries on her CV with the 1992 (TNT) TV movie The Heart and Justice and the 2000 Darren-Starr-developed series The $treet. However, she has been visible in film since debuting in director Sergio Leone’s 1984 Prohibition drama Once Upon a Time in America, notably appearing – opposite David Bowie – in the 1986 fantasy film Labyrinth, cult-classic comedy Career Opportunities, 1991 summer blockbuster The Rocketeer, 1996 noir period drama Mullholland Falls, and 2000 Darren Aronofsky-directed drama Requiem for a Dream. 2001’s A Beautiful Mind – a biopic of mathematician John Nash – would yield Connelly a 2002 Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress in a role opposite Russell Crowe.

She subsequently appeared in the 2003 pre-MCU comic book effort Hulk, 2006 Oscar-nominated drama Blood Diamond, 2008 sci-fi classic remake The Day the Earth Stood Still and another onscreen run opposite Crowe in the 2014 Biblical epic Noah. Connelly recently appeared in the 1960s period drama American Pastoral, opposite its co-star and debuting director Ewan McGregor. Her next films are this October’s fact-based Arizona wildfire drama Granite Mountain Hotshots and director Robert Rodriguez’s (James Cameron-scripted) 2018 adaptation of the manga/anime Alita: Battle Angel.

Daveed Diggs will play new primary character Layton Well, a prisoner living in the dregs of the train’s societal steerage in the back end. Described as a “quiet thinker” who spends his days tending to a cage filled with pet rats and sniffing a makeshift drug made from industrial waste called Chronole, Layton becomes an unlikely participant in an upheaval that could see caste clashes on the train.

Diggs, an actor whose acclaim continues to escalate, is coming off his roles in the Broadway phenomenon Hamilton as Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette, a run on sitcom Black-ish and Baz Lurhmann’s hip-hop throwback Netflix series The Get Down.

Mickey Sumner will play a character named Bess Till. Described as “thoughtful” and “empathetic,” Bess holds the job of brakeman; a position that’s part of the perpetually-running post-apocalyptic train’s security force. Much like the class-divided primary characters in Jennifer Connelly’s Melanie and Daveed Diggs’s Layton, Sumner’s Bess will find herself caught in the middle of the caste clashes that will be depicted.

The daughter of rock icon Sting (a.k.a. Gordon Sumner,) Mickey Sumner has notably fielded recurring television roles on Showtime’s The Borgias and AMC’s Low Winter Sun, as well as a diverse array of films such as 2012’s Frances Ha, 2013’s CBGB (playing another rock icon in Patti Smith), 2014’s The Mend and 2015’s The End of the Tour. However, mainstream prospects lie ahead when she appears in September offerings in the Tom Cruise-starring crime thriller American Made and the Emma Stone/Steve Carell-starring Battle of the Sexes, centering on the famous 1973 gender-crossing tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

Alison Wright will play Lilah Anderson. The character, a quiet, careful type, described as a “pragmatic and independent thinker,” lives in the fourth-class cabin of the titular post-apocalyptic train with her husband and daughter, working in a nail salon. With a potentially violent class upheaval set for the series, Lilah will find herself utilizing some previously untapped inner-strength.

The English actress Wright is best known as a standout from FX’s Cold War spy series The Americans, playing fan-favorite character Martha Hanson, a mawkish, identifiable FBI secretary who is hoodwinked into a marriage with embedded Russian spy Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys), unwittingly providing crucial intelligence. She also appeared in the FX anthology series Feud, Amazon crime series Sneaky Pete and the 2007 Scarlett Johansson-starring comedy The Nanny Diaries.

Benjamin Haigh also boards the train’s primary cast to play Fergus McConnell, an embattled urchin surrounded by bleakness and poverty in the back end that forces him to grow up way too fast. His existence mostly centers on providing whatever he can scavenge for his family, along with helping his mother in the care of his sick father.  

The prodigious Haigh recently came into some prominent roles, notably with the 2016 horror film sequel The Conjuring 2 and on the Nat Geo Albert Einstein biographical series Genius. He’ll next appear in the historical royal drama Victoria and Abdul, starring Judi Dench and Ali Fazal, which arrives in September.

Lena Hall will play Sayori, the resident archivist and member of the caste-divided train’s upper management, charged with keeping written record of events and handling staffing to fill the crucial roles that keep the microcosmic locomotive chugging along.

This will be Hall’s very first regular television role. Besides serving as lead singer of rock band The Deafening, she’s been a prolific presence on the Broadway stage (on which star Daveed Diggs attained success). She was notably part of the inaugural cast of Kinky Boots and Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the latter of which yielded her a Tony Award in 2014. Her onscreen roles include TV guest spots on Girls and Good Girls Revolt, a 2008 run on All My Children and films Becks, The Graduates, Born from the Foot, The Big Gay Musical and a minor role in 2008’s Sex and the City movie.

Snowpiercer TV Series Story

2013’s Snowpiercer, directed by Bong Joon Ho, adapting the French comic book Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Jean-Marc Rochette and Benjamin Legrand, seemed like an odd foreign film detour for Marvel Cinematic Universe Captain America Chris Evans. Yet, with a limited U.S. theatrical release, the South Korean film managed to achieve respectable box office numbers with $86.8 million USD worldwide. ($4.5 million from the U.S. release.) Moreover, the breadth of its critical acclaim in the States widened by way of DVD/Blu-ray, VOD and premium cable airings.

The Snowpiercer mythology depicts a society living in the aftermath of a catastrophic climate engineering experiment that left the Earth engulfed in an ice age, relegating the remnants of humanity to live on a massive experimental locomotive – the titular Snowpiercer – powered by its own perpetual motion, rounding a circumnavigational track. Thus, TNT Snowpiercer pilot is set seven years after the events of the 2013 film, which ended in a major act of back-end sedition with the derailment of the train by way of an explosion-triggered avalanche. That, however, was only a temporary setback for the Snowpiercer. However, as its class divisions remain prevalent, seeds of a revolution are sowed and people like Daveed Diggs’s introverted prisoner Layton Well are swept in its force.

Snowpiercer TV Series Crew

TNT’s Snowpiercer pilot will see Doctor Strange helmer Scott Derrickson as director and executive producer, working off a script by showrunner/writer/executive producer Josh Friedman, whose television work you may have seen on NBC’s late pirate drama Crossbones plus other adapted series such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the halted adaptation of comic book series Locke Key (to which Derrickson is attached). However, Friedman also happens to be working on scripts for a few “small” film projects in James Cameron’s Avatar sequels. Snowpiercer is a production of Tomorrow Studios via executive producers Mary Adelstein and Becky Clements and Turner’s Studio T.

With Snowpiercer’s uniquely stylized dystopic premise, coupled with its overt political themes of class division and a putrid pathos focused on the sinking depths of the human condition, there will certainly be much with which to work when it comes to a prospective ongoing television series.

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