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Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Nov 28, 2012 in Rat News | Subscribe

Visit the rest of this country. Those are wild turkeys. I used to like in a rural area. That’s what you get in, well, any part of the mid or eastern United States where there are more than three trees.

Domestic turkeys have been bred to the point that they are literally a different species. Most are white (though there are brown and back varieties), smaller, shorter legs, different wattles, and smaller beaks and claws. They can’t breed with their wild cousins.

I have seen turkeys on the north shore many times over the last ten years. They are wild turkeys. Why in god’s name the Advance would publish something as fact so obviously wrong (and which could have been fact checked in about thirty seconds) is reason # 153 I won’t be sad when you go bankrupt.

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