Schoolteacher arrested for neglecting pet pythons, 220 found dead

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On Wednesday, a California schoolteacher named William Buchman was arrested for keeping an entourage of snakes in his five-story house. Reporters backed away from the stench, barely able to stay near the house.

“The smell alone—I feel like I need to take a shower for a week,” said police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna. “They’re pretty much in all the bedrooms—everywhere.”

Associated Press said that officers found more than 400 snakes, with about 220 of them dead, along with some rats and mice. Buchman was arrested on the charge of neglecting his animals.

According to NBC Los Angeles, Buchman is a sixth-grader teacher for Mariners Elementary School in Newport Beach. His home is located in Santa Ana.

Buchman will soon appear before court. Among his witnesses will be Shelly Rooney, a parent at Mariners. “Mr. Buchman has always been a caring teacher and one who I would gladly be a character witness if called to do so,” said Rooney.

According to officials, Buchman bred these ball pythons to sell them.

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