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TWO pet rats had to be rescued from near death after they were dumped with their cage by the side of a railway line in Corsham.

The underweight brown and white female rats, who have been nicknamed Blackberry and Marshmallow, were discovered on a patch of grass close to the railway bridge in Ladbrook Lane last Saturday (August 12) by a family who were out walking.

The family spotted the discarded cage, which had been left with the lid open and an empty water bottle, and called the RSPCA straight away, who picked them up and transferred them to the Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

RSPCA inspector Lewis Taylor said: “I think that it is appalling to dump animals in such a way without any regard for their welfare. Domestic pets are not able to survive in the wild and these pet rats were obviously petrified at being left out to fend for themselves. They were scared, hungry and extremely thirsty.

“If they had not been found I have no doubt they would not have survived the night as they would have been so easily predated on. It is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to fail to meet the needs of an animal and clearly these poor rats were failed in every way when they were callously dumped like rubbish.

“Despite their ordeal both of these rats have proven to be very friendly girls and I can’t understand how someone could allow them to potentially suffer when with a bit of effort and patience I’m sure space could have been found somewhere for them.”

Anyone with information about the rats should call the RSPCA on 03001 238018 or if you would like to rehome Blackberry and Marshmallow call 01225 787321.

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