Red Hill Pet Center Moves to West End

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Nov 18, 2012 in Rat News | Subscribe

On June 30, one of San Anselmo’s oldest businesses became one of San Rafael’s newest, as Red Hill Pet Center closed its doors and quickly reopened in the West End of San Rafael.

For three weeks, Elvis Johnson has been welcoming customers into the store’s new San Rafael location at 1566 4th Street. He told me the new space has benefitted from significant foot traffic since opening. The parking situation, with 30-minute max meters, has also allowed for easy parking adjacent to the store.

And how does the inventory compare to the Red Hill location?

“Our store is basically the same size as our old store,” says Johnson, “and we are offering all of the same products as before.”

Items such as dog food, cat food, bird food (including chicken and wild bird), fish and reptile food are readily available. The store also offers an assortment of health supplements, toys and grooming items for all pets. As for live animals, the aquariums are fully stocked with fish, and Johnson currently has some rathercute pet rats, plus a few chicks for egg laying, as well as a milk snake, tarantula, leopard gecko, and some frogs. 

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