Red Hill Pet Center Bids Adieu, Fairfax Has a New Diner, and San Anselmo …

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Bon Voyage Red Hill Pet Center

On June 30, the doors at Red Hill Pet Center closed for the final time. While sad for the patrons that had long given their business to the local animal menagerie, the closure was not without new beginnings.

For three weeks, Elvis Johnson has been welcoming customers into the store’s new San Rafael location at 1566 4th Street. He told me the new space has benefitted from significant foot traffic since opening. The parking situation, with thirty minute max meters, has also allowed for easy parking adjacent to the store.

And how does the inventory compares to the Red Hill location?

“Our store is basically the same size as our old store,” says Johnson, “and we are offering all of the same products as before.”

Items such as dog food, cat food, bird food (including chicken and wild bird), fish and reptile food are readily available. The store also offers an assortment of health supplements, toys and grooming items for all pets. As for live animals, the aquariums are fully stocked with fish, and Johnson currently has some rathercute pet rats, plus a few chicks for egg laying, as well as a milk snake, tarantula, leopard gecko, and some frogs. 

While we are sorry to see them leave San Anselmo, it is good to hear that one of the area’s most popular pet shops will continue their tradition of providing top customer care but a zip code away.


A Sign of Vegan Things to Come

The Scoop remains on the trail for clues in the wake of a discovery (see featured photo above) by managing editor Jessica Mullins. Found at the location of the former Lydia’s in Fairfax, it appears a vegan diner is headed to Fairfax. Have you heard anything? 


San Anselmo Yogurt: The Riddle That Keeps Not Giving

Speaking of mysteries, the best efforts of this Scooper have failed to produce any leads as to why TCBY was usurped by San Anselmo Yogurt, only to never open. The possibility of a future opening remains, but any self-respecting yugurteer knows the summer months are the business boon for cold treats. Perhaps the township will have to make do with one less place to score an icy treat. 


Red Hill Banking on New Chase Branch

If you’ve paid a visit to Red Hill recently, you may have noticed construction on the former Silver Screen Video space. Observant eyes may also have noticed signs proclaiming the work site as the future home of a Chase Bank. 

The Scoop has reached out to the management at Red Hill in the hopes of obtaining an interview, where we will most assuredly ask about the new Chase, as well as what else patrons can expect from the shopping center in the coming months. 


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