Reality Television Going to the Dogs

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Mar 5, 2012 in Rat News | Subscribe

doggiemom0111.jpgNext month a new reality show will pit the city’s purse puppies against each other, or rather, their humans. NYC Life (a television channel run by the city), will bring Doggie Moms to the airwaves—which is basically Real Housewives of New York but with dogs tossed into the mix.

According to the NY Post, the six episodes will document “the fur-flying, over-the-top rivalry between five New York women whose lives revolve around their yappy pampered pooches.” Ratings gold. But Chris Coffey at the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment insists their main goal is to “use their personalities to educate New Yorkers about all the resources the city has for dog owners. If their characters were boring, nobody would watch it.”

Maybe next they can do a reality show on the people who keep pet rats in the city.

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