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i have had a rat for about 6 days now and she is 2 and a hlaf months old and she keeps chewing the cage wires. the wires are metal and she comes out of her cage about 3 times a day is that ok???? wat do i do to stop the chewing at night and when i get home from school?? i have wood and plastic that edibale for rats , pet rats



  • moeyyrat says:

    hum… My rat, Sheila used to chew on the bars of her cage all night long, but this is when she lived with my boyfriend who kept her and her cage mate in a hamster cage with no hammocks, no wheel, or toys. Just a food dish and water bottle 🙁 He let them out everyday for hours, but this does not excuse the terrible cage.
    When I took her and her cage mate (Tex) in and gave them an appropriate sized cage with hammocks, wheel, toys, multiple levels she stopped.
    So, how big is the cage you have her in? Rats MUST have a least 2 cubic square feet of space per rat (so 4 cubic sq ft for a pair), and enough room for hammocks, toys, a wheel (if she will use it) and multiple levels. Another thing, get your rat a cage mate. Rats are extremely social and no amount of human companionship can compare to the 24 hour companionship of its own species. It has only been 6 days so I recommend you go back to the place you got her and get her a friend of the same age and preferably from the same cage.
    My guess is you got her from a pet store. Normally i do not recommend you get rats from a pet store but getting her a friend from the same place now will save you the trouble of quarantine (as she would have already been exposed to those rats).
    here are some websites to research
    good luck!

  • Mommy of 4 says:

    get a new cage on a real

  • bob shark says:

    That’s just what they do when they are in a wire cage.

  • Cubs_Fan says:

    try getting her a bunch of chew toys. my rats chewed their cage because they didnt have anything else to chew. and also make sure the cage is large enough.

  • irishrat says:

    Maybe she needs a buddy to keep her company. We just got our new rat a buddy and he is so much happier now. Try it. It’s so fun to watch them play together.

  • Miss Informed says:

    If a rat doesn’t keep knawing to keep it’s teeth worn down, they grow to a point that the rat can’t eat.
    Same with beavers and some other rodents.

  • bzzflygi says:

    Try giving her something else to chew like flavored wood blocks (from the pet store), chicken bones or dental doggie chews. You can even put a sterilized rock in their.

  • levy_max… says:

    I find that my rats will learn anything if we put our minds to it (my rats and i that is) Lola used to have a bad chewing problem but i just tapped her on the nose and said no when i caught her. For the first while I would cuddle Izzy and give her treats but leave Lola out(I know it sound mean but it works and she still loves me!:))Then after a while I just had to say NO and she would stop and look guilty! Soon it stoped all together! You should try it!

  • .where my party people at. says:

    Rats will chew on a wire cage if it’s there. That’s just what they do. If you don’t want them doing it you’ll have to get a plastic or glass cage. Make sure there’s plenty of ventilation and toys though!
    Also, if you mean she gets out of her cage and walks around without supervision that’s really dangerous for her. The only time we let our rats out is if we were right there. Ours were trained to come when their names were called, so we even took them outside.

  • Anonymous says:

    Are the bars coated? If not she could get very sick from chewing on the metal.
    Does she have a friend to keep her company? Rats need companions or they get very bored.
    Rats don’t need wooden chew toys, how about something more interesting like a full kleenex box to destroy or some little houses and a wheel.
    If anything, find her a cage with less bar spacing so she can’t fit her mouth on the bars as well.

  • Alana says:

    Does she have rat friends? She is probably bored seeing you cant have her out all the time (which is not possible anyways). Rats are very social animals and need a cage mate or two. Right now I have 4 rats, they are the best pets!
    Also put LOTS of toys and things for her to gnaw on. They need to keep their teeth down to a reasonable size.

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