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Rats Make Great City Pets (Really!) | RatChatter

Rats Make Great City Pets (Really!)

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Sep 15, 2013 in Rat News | Subscribe

012111rats.jpgEver since I was a little girl I have always been crazy about animals. And as an adult, over the years, some incredibly amazing cats and horses have owned me. And even though I never had a canine companion of my very own, years ago while house and dog- sitting for a friend, I fell in love the moment I embarked upon a relationship with her dog, Sabina, a 5 year-old black female Great Dane.

And while I loved all animals, I never entertained the idea of sharing my heart and home with a member of the rodent species until years ago, late one evening, when I snuck downstairs to grab a midnight snack, out of the corner of my eye I spied a tiny brown country mouse staring at me rather suspiciously, his nose wriggling at breakneck speed.

He sat brazenly on his haunches in the middle of the kitchen floor, checking me out for several minutes. The second I moved my chair, he quickly scurried out of sight behind the refrigerator. But he was so adorable!

Since we were in the middle of a draught, I started worrying that he didn’t have sufficient fluid, so concerned for his health each night before I went to bed I put out a bottle cap filled with fresh clean water in the kitchen in a convenient location. Of course this made me officially his foster mom.

Hearing about my role as mouse-mother a friend invited me over to see her collection of tame white mice. In addition to being affectionate, with their teeny pink noses, ears and tails, I completely understood why she adored them. What was more intriguing was in another cage in the living room with several rats in residence. And since she lived in an apartment where dogs and cats were not permitted, they actually were perfect little pets for her.

Lately I have been hearing more and more about folks opting for rodents as companions, since no-pet housing runs rampant in urban areas and rats make phenomenal pets.

These clean little guys form deep bonds with their humans and are patient loving animals who are intelligent as dogs. But due to ignorance and unfortunately the many negative myths about them that abound, rats and mice are often very misunderstood creatures.

For folks considering rats as pets however, these diminutive denizens are very social critters who not only need human company but thrive on rat companionship. Similar to cats, they enjoy reciprocal grooming and someone with whom to curl up. So to keep your rat happy, get more than one.

For an uplifting moment, watch the video featuring pet rats, uploaded to YouTube by oPuPo.

If your interest has been piqued, learn more about these fabulous pets and their needs by checking out this article.

Would you consider rodents as pets? Share your thoughts in a comment.

Image Source: Flickr user Rattie Rescue

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  • angie says:

    I love your blog! Especially the news and posts which are so great about educating the world that rats are wonderful pets! I agree with you, and try to use my blog to do that, but you do it much better than I do!

    Would you mind if up a link to your site on my blog?

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