Rats-how Does The Care Differ From Males And Females?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 18, 2009 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I currently have two female rats, but when they pass, I’m planning on getting two young male rats. How does the care of female and male rats differ? {Like, I know you aren’t supposed to feed male rats oranges.}
Also, from your experience, which gender do you prefer?
One last thing. If you have/had male rats, have you had any agression problems with them? Like, aggression against their cagemates. If so, how did you fix it? Does neutering them actually work?

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  • mysticfr says:

    I would prefer two females, the males generally smell a bit more and fight a bit more.
    There are really not too much of a difference between caring for females and males. If you are getting males, try to get ones from the same litter or at least have grown up together, that way they tend to, but not always, be a bit friendlier towards each other.

  • Raven says:

    I have had two female rats and one male rat all of which I got when they were babies. The only difference I saw in behavior was that the males can be a little territorial at times and mark it a lot more than females. NO citrus fruits are good for animals! The acid in them can hurt their digestive tract. Also it is good to stay away from processed food. Just remember if it isn’t fresh, or made for animals then they really shouldn’t eat it. Some good examples for treats are apples, nonfrosted shredded wheat, carrots etc. Walmart carries some good treats just for them. Neutering for males can decrease aggression. But you should have it done as early as possible. I would buy two separate cages so each male has his own space and after testing allow them out at the same time to make sure they will be friendly toward eachother. Good Luck to you!

  • ginger says:

    I have one male rat named Rementon. I have only one male because males fight alot and are very teritorial. Males tend to be very cuddly and want you to pet them and masague them while lying in your lap. They love to eat and get bigger than females. They do not stink if you give them a bath every week and change out their bedding every week (contrary to the person who claims they smell you can guess they do not take care of their pets very well). I also since I have only one male rat give him more than 6 hours of attention a day and I take him on play dates with my friends rats almost every other day. Remey does not show any aggresion towards myself or any humans because I do not mistreat him and I have handled him every day since I got him. He is not neutered because I find it cruel to do that to an animal you are careful not to breed. I mean how would you like to be neutered when it is not nessary?

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