Rats are chewing holes in our wheelie bins: ‘influx’ of rodents in street

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A MAN from Christchurch is pleading for action to be taken over claims his street has been overrun with an influx of rats.

Ian Webb from Troak Close, Somerford said residents have been “inundated” with the rodents for nearly two years.

The rats have been seen just three feet from patio doors – with some even chewing through the side of wheelie bins in the street.

Mr Webb said: “We are inundated with them. And they are big. Much, much bigger than pet rats.

“They’re everywhere – in the bushes, gardens, the street.

“It’s got worse – and they’re not getting any smaller. It’s scary.

“They are eating through the side of the wheelie bins. The council just say we need to recycle properly, which we are.

“It’s been going on for two years now and its got worse and worse. We just don’t know who is meant to be dealing with it.

“There are so many children who live here. It’s a health hazard.”

Mr Webb said a representative from Environmental Health told him it would cost £40 per household to take any action, but unless every house did it, ‘it was pointless’.

He added: “The situation is out of control and we need help as we cant get the answers we need.”

The council say they have only been visiting the road since December.

Sean Whitney, public health and protection manager, at Christchurch council said “The council have been visiting and treating a persistent rat problem at Troak Close in Christchurch since December 2017.

“We continue to work with some residents at Troak Close, and Sovereign Housing Association, to ensure that we improve the issue for local residents. Efforts are currently aimed at ensuring tenants clear all household rubbish, which will encourage rats, whilst treatment continues.”

Dave Brown, housing services manager at Sovereign said: “Along with Christchurch and East Dorset Council, we’ve been visiting Troak Close in Christchurch to investigate reports of rats in the area.

“While the local authority teams take action to resolve the problem, we’ve advised residents to take extra care in disposing of their household waste and to keep outside areas clear.”

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