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April 4 is World Rat Day

In your homes there are various types of animals. Sometimes you don’t know who they really are. You may have given a chance to them to live with you; for those who could win our hearts. As a result of that, we feed them, love them and pet them adopt as pets. Dogs and cats are the major pets in our life. Apart from that, do you accept the rat that runs around your house as a pet?  Most of you may answer ‘no’. But did you know that there are people who adopt rats as their pets?  
April 4 is especially dedicated for rats. Did you know that there was a special day dedicated for this little creature? You may not like rats, but there is a giant community out there that loves rats. Overseas people are interested about this than Sri Lankans. So, many pet rat owners get together for events on this day.

 Some people use the day to raise awareness (the whole idea) of rats as pets. This date was proclaimed in 2002.  The date April 4 was selected to be World Rat Day because this is the only certain date associated with the beginning of ‘the rat-list’ (The rat-list is for discussion about pet rats). Any day of the year could have been selected, but April 4 was settled on as a small tribute to the rat-list, a list that has truly been a great boon to all pet rats everywhere.

Many rat fanciers celebrate World Rat Day by planning private parties, with friends and family attending and possibly bearing gifts and treats to unsuspecting and surprised rats. The World Rat Day greeting cards will surely make their way around the globe and into the homes and hands of many grateful rats, although nobody can say whether they will be cherished or shredded.

Rat is small-sized animal. Two most common species of rat are the black rat and the brown rat and they can be found in all parts of the world. The rat is generally found in small, dark places and is thought to have originated in Asia before migrating across countries and being accidental passengers on human voyages. The rat is now one of the most widely spread and adaptable animals in the world.

Did you know that rats have poor vision? To compensate for this, a red or pink eyed rat will often weave its head side to side to add “motion” to see better. They also don’t see in color. Rats normally prefer to have cage mates. It is possible to group female or male rats together, though special attention should be given when introducing a new rat. Rats don’t have thumbs.

On the negative side, rats are responsible in spreading diseases among humans and damaging structures or contaminating food. In some cases they can be known as the most destructive animals in the world.  Rat-bite fever and Leptospirosis are two major diseases spread by rats. Also, rats cause to spread Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Murine Typhus, Eosinophilic Meningitis among the people. Some of these can be fatal diseases.

Rats grind their teeth both when they are stressed and when they are feeling content. However, anyone who keeps rats as pets or companions is already knows the secret: these animals are friendly, loyal, intelligent and very endearing.

Similar to dogs, pet rats generally like to be petted on their head and having their ears scratched.

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