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I’m dying for a rat for Christmas but my mom said i could only get one.what should i do to tell her that they need to be in pairs???



  • Julles says:

    Well, they don’t have to be in pairs. You just need to pay extra attention to that rat. Female rats in pairs are some of the best. Maybe your mom is scared about babies.
    You could also make a deal with her that if you get one rat now, and you have proven you can take care of one, you can get another. I don’t suggest male and male because they fight and female and males will have babies every month if they are together.
    Merry Christmas!
    Also I love rats very much and grew up with them so I know a lot
    E-mail me for any needed imformation.

  • pete wentz says:

    well you could show her proof on the e-net like i did for gerbils

  • Billy Joel fan. says:

    Just say that they need to be in pairs or else they will attack 🙂

  • The Animal Freak says:

    Tell her that Rats need too be in pairs or they will die real fast. Tell her that they have a short life span too 3-4 years but I don’t want it to die faster then that.

  • Ratluv says:

    Join a rat forum?
    Ratz Tails or Fancy Rats are both good. (:
    You shouldn’t get a pet for Christmas. It’s just another to be dumped isn’t it?

  • ollieism says:

    Ok, I think everybody has most of the good websites covered, but I just wanted to thank you for realizing rats need companions!

  • Amy P says:

    Show her some proof on the internet that rats will get depressed etc… without a companion. Take really good of the one you have now? and just try to get good sites showing her that rats really are better off in pairs.

  • RAT LUVA says:

    Tell her if you get one it will die of depression sooner, and will make your feelings hurt. Tell her its like living alone ur hole life. You might aswell not get any if you have to only get one, since it iwll suffer. Rats are cheep, they barely eat, dont cost alot in cage cleaning! tell her that two rats wont make much of a difference, and when living in pairs they are friendlyer and more sociable. If alone, they may bite and get nervous! tell her that if she wants an unsocial, nervous, biting pet, a lonely rat is perfect.
    conversation between u & mom:
    YOU: uh… about the rats… there was this girl on yahoo answers that said that rats suck when they are alone.
    MOM: i dont bilieve that!
    YOU: mom, if you want an unsocial nervous biting pet, we might aswell get a lonely rat.
    MOM: Aw sweetie, dont act that way! c’ourse momma’s gonna get you two rats!
    YOU: *wipes tears & smiles

  • Laffnmule's Lode says:

    Mother / daughter
    Father / son
    Brother / brother
    Sister / sister
    are the best pair combinations, with no possibility of multiplying, and less fighting than if you put two unrelated rats together (even cousins fight).
    Show your Mom the places on the web where you found your, correct, information that rats do best in groups of at least two.
    Get a pregnant female, get rid of all the babies except one daughter.
    Even if you do end up getting just the one rat, make sure that the cage is large enough to house two rats adequately, just in case you ever get the second rat. Rats need at least two cubic feet of space, each, so for two rats you will need a cage with at least four cubic feet of space. Here is a site with directions for making a large enough cage. http://www.ratfanclub.org/cagepln.html

  • notomys. says:

    Print out this article and show it to herhttp://www.ratfanclub.org/single.html
    Make sure to explain to her that it is unacceptable to keep a single rat, and that having two rats is no more than having one (as the article says, having two rats is actually less work than having a single rat because you don’t need to worry about providing them with hours of interaction!)
    Unfortunately, unless your mother gives your permission to get a pair of rats, you really should NOT get any at all. By refusing to get a single rat you will help show her that rats NEED to be kept in pairs: this perhaps will convince her to let you get a pair.

  • gahlok says:

    no waaaiiit don’t, don’t tell her that one will be upset and you have to get two cause if your moms half smart she will see the loop hole,
    in my mind she will give you a choice between one or nothing
    i think if you have the money then try to wait for a two for one deal and get it yous that way
    or you can say that if you get 2 rats then they will be quieter and what ever else she does not like in a rat say that it wont do that or do it less
    another example say they will look cleaner and smell better ( they dont stink an way) if you have two cause they will clean each other this means less use of you bathroom sink were you clean up
    try that

  • levy_max says:

    Yes, rats should be in pairs, they live longer and healthier that way, make sure that they are of the same sex, or fixed. Also, if she is worried about price, look for rat rescues, or people that have baby rats that need a good home… I am gonna have a bunch of rats that will need a good home in about 5 weeks, cause I have 3 girls pregnant… but yeah.. tell your mom that they are healthier and happier with another rat to play with, preferably from the same cage/tank.

  • Willow says:

    I thank you for not just getting a single rat! Rats can die of depression if alone. A human’s attention won’t make up for what another rat could have given them… imagine growing up with just the company of a dog and never seeing another human? Anyway, if you need more information this is a great site: http://www.ratfanclub.org/single.html
    Best of luck and Merry Christmas!

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